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Our 2014 Best Home Theater Projectors Report is Published

Greetings home theater and projector fans, The 2014 report just went live. Best in Class Award WinnerWe will still be proofing, and adding minor content over the first week, but this year's Best In Class awards are all there.  There really aren't any great surprises for those of you who pat attention to a lot of the reviews, as there were fewer new HT projectors launched in the last 10 months than in most years.  We also lost Mitsubishi which exited both home and commercial projetors.  Check out the report, it's a lot more condensed than usual, with more linking to existing content.  This year I managed to write more head to head projector comparisons that include many of these projectors.  We link back to all of those comparisons, and also our recent 4 projector comparison, from this year's Best Home Theater Projector Report.

True 4K, cropped image using Sony VPL-VW600ES

A quick reminder:  When you click on these photos to enlarge, remember that even then they are only 1000 pixels wide, barely 1/4 the resolution of 1080p.  Believe me, the Sony (face above) is even sharper than you can tell here. When you consider the photo below, the source material is only 1080i. When it comes to projectors, September is the start of most of the announcements for projectors we'll see launching in the fall and winter.  Hopefully it will be a more exciting year.  For example I'm hoping that someone besides Sony will offer up true 4K projectors, and that 4K projectors will start coming down in price.   While the announcements will start at IFA and CEDIA shows, remember that many announced at those shows won't ship until next year.

Epson HC2000/2030 - Very bright for sports, etc. < $1000

Well, enjoy this year's report and awards.  I'll try to answer most comments and questions.  -art  

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