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Panasonic PT-AE2000U Home Theater Projectors - Update to the Review

For those of you interested in the Panasonic PT-AE2000U 1080p LCD home theater projector, and who have read my previous review, published five weeks ago, are aware that the original review was done doing a pre-production version of the Panasonic projector. As is not uncommon for pre-production units, there were some issues. Most notably, the projector did not produce color evenly across the screen. While no projector is perfect at it, 3 panel projectors - be they LCD or LCoS are more susceptable to the problem. The first PT-AE2000U, a 3LCD projector, exhibited what could only be described as significant variation in the background color temperature. It was enough to be detectable under normal viewing, not just with a gray or white screen being projected. Of note, it was far more warm (redish) on the left side, and more bluish (cool color temperature) on the right. The full production PT-AE2000U I just received still shifts a bit, but it is normal. The amount of shift is far less, and instead of being a left to right thing, it is mostly the upper left and upper right corners that are a little cooler. Overall, measuring the color temperature at many points across the screen, the color temperature stayed within about a 350K range except for those extreme corners where it ended up about 500K higher color temperature than the lowest readings. That's a major improvement. And, unless you are specifically looking for that shift toward blue in the upper corners, you likely will never notice an issue during normal viewing. Even finding it, on normal content, will be a bit difficult. Bottom line - as expected, the production PT-AE2000U is much improved over the older one. A second issue relative to the full review emerges, however. While I warned in the review that the wide color shift made my grayscale color temperature measurements unreliable, even I was surprised to find that my original recommendations, from the first calibration, when plugged into this projector, produced decent results, but I felt it was worthwhile to remeasure everything, and come up with fresh recommendations based on the newer projector. I will be creating an update page, which will be included in the Panasonic PT-AE2000U review. This should publish probably 12/27. First I have to finish up the JVC DLA-RS2 review, which by the way, is going great. It is as impressive today, against the competition, as the older RS1 was, compared to its competition 8 months ago, when the RS1 started shipping.

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