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Sony VPL-VW665ES and VW335ES 4K Projectors at CEDIA

The VPl-VW365 and VW665ES are two new true 4K Sony projectors for those that just can’t afford the VW5000ES that I wrote about separately. With these two new Sonys come enhancements and better picture quality than the VW350 and VW600ES they replace. They also have longer lasting lamps, now rated 6000 hour in eco mode! Both support 3D, having built in RF transmitters. They both have motorized zoom lenses, plenty of lens shift, and Lens Memory so you can choose a wide “Cinemascope” screen such as the 2.35: ratio one I use in my own home theater.

VPL-VW365ES for the Media Room, VPL-VW665ES for the home theater

The 1500 lumens bright VW350ES comes in at $9,999.   This projector, like the VW350 it replaces, is best as a “media room” projector. It has a great picture, but lacks the big time black level performance that would make it comparable in a fully darkened theater, to the best 1080p projectors. Respectable, but:

If you want the greater “pop” and depth that better black levels deliver, then the VPL-VW665ES is for you.   (If you want even better, there’s the older, still current – previous flagship in the Sony lineup -- the VW1100ES, which is now the #2, behind the new VW5000ES.

The VW665ES offers improvement in contrast (300,000:1 dynamic on/off) over the 600ES, providing those better black levels. Although the older model had good black level performance, this improvement should prove very visible and that alone, will make the VW665ES a projector visibly superior to its predecessor.

For an even more impressive image, the VW665ES supports HDR – (high dynamic range), which the lower cost VW365ES lacks.

Pricing on the VPL-VW665ES is $14,999.

Both are available this month (October), so you could ask yourself, upon deciding on which one: “What am I waiting for?” I imagine your local authorized Sony Projector dealer will be happy to help you out with your quest.  Seriously, If you are a movie fanatic and have the room, the VW665ES should wow you.  If you are more media room, the VW365ES with not as good black levels, will be a perfect, 4K fit!

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