Sony VPL-VWPRO1 Home Theater Projector – Review time

Sony’s new moderately priced VPL-VWPRO1 is now shipping, and according to Fedex, and Sony, one is inbound, and arriving tomorrow the 21st.

The VWPro1 projector replaces the HW15, and like it, the PRO1 (it’s Sony’s idea to make PRO all caps), is another in a long series of high quality home theater projectors sporting LCoS (SXRD) technology. This may be Sony’s lowest cost 1080p home projector, but it’s still going to be over $3000.
And each year, the previous Sony’s have been excellent projectors. This year, The PRO1 is claiming 1300 lumens, which is great, in that it would be a step up in brightness from the older HW10 and HW15, which claimed 1000.
Well, we’ll know shortly. I will have as much of the full review posted before Christmas Eve, as possible. Expect an update in a couple of days. I’m alerting Mike, to get the VWPRO1 calibrated tomorrow or Wednesday night.
Should be a serious projector. Contrast is now up to 85,000 claimed, and there’s a new iris, plus that 30% boost in lumens will open this projector up to many of us who like larger screens (above 110″ diagonal).
Lastly, it looks like the previous models, although the skin color is probably changed slightly, as Sony likes to do that. -art

Happy Holidays!

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  • John

    Hi Art, I am eagerly waiting for your review. I already checked this website few time todays to see any update on VPL-VWPro1.

    Waiting, please post it ASAP. Thank you!

    • It’s up. I finished for Christmas eve, (the review’s not done, still needs the summary page, still have to look at, and “shoot” side by sides, to really define how great, or good, the black levels are, and add some other commentary, take the pictures of the menus, write up the remote properly, and so on. More will be added tomorrow.

      I did screw up though. Got everything I felt I needed to get done by 5:45pm pacific yesterday, saved, and headed out.

      Then, this morning, first email says – “you never posted it” He was right, so about 20 minutes ago, upon finding that out, I’ve added it to the home page, etc… have fun…

  • Steve


    When do you expect to finish this review?

    I have been anxiously waiting since Christmas.

    Thank you.

    • It’s now pretty much as done as it will be. Maybe some new menu images.. but HDTV and competitors has been added, as far as I can go, since I haven’t reviewed most of themost direct competitors (the Epson R series, and the JVC HD250… etc.