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Two major reviews coming: JVC RS2, and Epson HC1080UB

Ahh! Finally! Just received confirmation that the JVC RS2 will be arriving tomorrow, Thursday, the 20th! I can't wait. I'm biased, being an owner of the RS1, which most reviewers pretty much agreed was this past year's projector to beat. The JVC DLA-RS2 has several advantages, including power zoom and focus, support for anamorphic lenses, and most importantly even better contrast and black levels. And that's something since the RS1 is the reigning champ in both regards. With an $7995 MSRP (US), it is premium priced, and probably well worth it. My goal will be to publish the review by Dec. 28th. I'll post some preliminary thoughts on the RS2 in this blog, while reviewing. The Epson Home Cinema 720 is the second projector inbound this week, and will also post before year end. The HC720 is already shipping and is Epson's replacement to their Home Cinema 400 reviewed earlier this year. Coming the first week of January, I'm now told, will be, Epson's top of the line Home Cinema 1080UB. Claiming a 50,000:1 contrast ratio, the Epson Home Cinema 1080UB, offers promise of the best overall black levels of any LCD home theater projector yet. It uses a dynamic iris to help in this regard. Who knows? Can it give JVC's DLA-RS2 a run for the money? It will cost less than half of the JVC. So, three very exciting reviews coming. Stay tuned! -art

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