Until Black Friday Only – A deal from BenQ – GP1 projector

Greetings all,OK, this is a stocking stuffer, for those of you with portable tastes, you can save $100 for the next week, if the BenQ GP1 “lights your fire”.
BenQ's GP1 Projector: 100+ lumens in a tiny package
Back in July, I reviewed BenQ’s little GP1, a mini or “pocket” projector class device.  That is, much larger and heavier than the pico projectors, and a lot smaller and lighter than any of the traditional portable business projectors.  The GP1, for those of you who don’t remember, is a fun product that can double as a fairly low brightness business projector, suitable for some small meetings.  Check out the review!It is the brightest of this class of small projectors that I’ve seen to date.  It is a low cost compromise product for business, but it can be a blast for more informal use, such as watching my first official YouTube video.  While projectors in this class are all about a lot of compromises, we found the GP1 to be pretty impressive, all considered.  As a result, I even gave it a Hot Product award.Because of it’s relative uniqueness, and that a goodly number of these GP1’s are sold to folks who love new toys to play with, I thought I’d pass on this deal BenQ just told me about:BenQ, who I assume sells most of the GP1’s direct to end users directly from their website, just launched a GP1 promo that runs through Black Friday Nov 26 – that’s a week from tomorrow.  You’ve got 8 days to order.The  promotional price through Black Friday is $399.When you go to the BenQ site, to get that price, you’ll need the promo code:  earlyblkfridayThat’s a savings of $100 off their usual $499 pricing. As they say, (if this is your kind of product/gizmo), what are you waiting for?  -art

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