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Value Electronics 2022 Projector Shootout Event

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Value Electronics will evaluate ultra-short throw products on Saturday, Dec. 10, and long-throw projectors on Sunday, Dec. 11.

Are you in the market for a new home projector, or are you curious about which projectors deliver the best performance for the price?

Value Electronics, who is a Westchester County, N.Y.-based specialty electronics and custom electronics integrator, has partnered with a variety of manufacturers to allow you to compare some of this year’s best home projectors side by side.

Value Electronics is hosting its annual Projector Shootout at The Company Building, 335 Madison Ave., New York City. The event will be divided into two days. The UST (ultra-short throw) Projector Shootout Evaluation event will begin at 9 a.m. EST on Saturday, Dec. 10, and the Long-Throw Projector Shootout Evaluation Event at 9 a.m. EST on Sunday, Dec. 11.

Philip Jones, the Technical Editor and co-owner of will be the Master of Ceremonies for this year’s event. Jason Dustal, an engineer with Murideo and ISF Instructor, will lead the calibration team and operations during the Projector Shootouts.

A panel of professional Hollywood video colorists, film finishers, TV reviewers, and video experts will be on hand to judge, evaluate, and vote on all picture quality attributes to determine which projector will be crowned this year’s “King of UST Projectors,” and “King of Long Throw Projectors.”

As part of the evaluation process, test patterns and real content will be used to compare picture quality elements, including contrast, color fidelity, color saturation, and motion resolution. The objective of the Projector Shootout events is to award the best UST and Long Throw projectors in each of the attributes of picture quality.

To ensure all of the projectors will produce their best possible picture performance, Seymour Screen Excellence screens with Radiant White screen material will be used within a light-controlled room. Value Electronics team will also utilize the latest state-of-the-art in switching, distribution, and test equipment supplied by AVProStore, while MetraAV will supply HDMI 2.1 48Gbs cables.

Based on their evaluation category, Value Electronics has chosen notable highly rated projector models from several premium manufacturers that are currently available in the U.S. Many of the projectors in this year’s Value Electronics Projector Shootout Event have already been evaluated by Projector Reviews, and we were impressed with every unit. Below is a list of projectors by category:

UST (Ultra-Short Throw) Projectors

$4,000-$7000 Category Long Throw Projectors

$11,000 to $16,000 Category Long Throw Projectors

  • Sony VPL-XW6000ES

$25,000-$30,000 Category Long Throw Projectors

In an abundance of concern for COVID and its variants, there will not be in-person attendees this year. However, both days will be webcast live on YouTube to reach the largest audience of A/V enthusiasts and media worldwide. Questions and comments will be moderated by YouTube channel owners, with select questions read to the presenters.

This is a must-see event for all who are interested in the premium UST and Long Throw Projection systems,” says Robert Zohn, president of Value Electronics. “We are excited to have these two comparison events so the public can see how each projector compares.”

Since Philip is participating on both days as a host and judge, we will cover the event in detail, so make sure to check the upcoming article on

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