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VAVA Introduces New Triple Laser ALPD 4.0 Home Theater Projector

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VAVA has announced the availability of the VAVA Chroma 4K Triple Laser Projector at its online store. 

VAVA introduced the Chroma 4K projector via an Indiegogo campaign earlier this year. According to VAVA, the campaign was a huge success that exceeded their expectations when it received a record-breaking response from consumers.

VAVA Chroma

The VAVA Chroma 4K is positioned as the most advanced and powerful ultra-short-throw projector VAVA has produced to date. The Chroma 4K features ALPD 4th generation triple laser technology designed to allow customers to enjoy the stunning level of color accuracy made possible by the three-channel laser technology used in this new ultra-short-throw (UST) projector. 

The VAVA Chroma delivers striking visuals that display a 106% Rec. 2020 color gamut with no color loss by using red, blue, and green laser light sources. These improved visuals benefit from higher contrast (beyond cinema-standard 3000:1) and improved light efficiency (30% more efficient than ALPD® 3.0 generation products).

This laser-powered projector offers users 25,000 hours of light source lamp life, so changing projector bulbs or dealing with the sharp decline seen in lamp-based projectors are not worries. Twenty-five thousand hours is equivalent to over 12,000 movies, or four hours of use per day ― for seventeen years.

The VAVA Chroma is part of the ultra-short-throw projector category increasing in popularity in recent years. Unlike traditional throw projectors, the Chroma's ultra-short-throw design gives users a 0.233:1 throw rate. This means that the Chroma projector can be placed just 7.2" away from the wall resulting in a large 100-inch displayed image. If you want to use a bigger screen, the VAVA Chroma has no problem providing an image up to 150 inches diagonally for an even more cinematic experience.

The VAVA Chroma is a smart projector offering a customized OS experience built on top of Android 9.0. While VAVA does not offer the Google Play store on its system, it has access to a robust library of compatible applications from the Aptoide App Store. VAVA owners have access to popular streaming applications such as YouTube, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney+, and more through the projector's operating system.

If you desire a more traditional Android or iOS experience, the VAVA Chroma is fully compatible with them through a wide range of media boxes and streaming sticks, including Apple TV, Nvidia Shield, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku TV, and more.

The VAVA Chroma provides A new auditory experience
A new auditory experience

The VAVA Chroma offers an impressive built-in sound system that claims to provide a "New Auditory Experience." VAVA says it's not a night at the movies without cinema-level sound. With 60 W Harman Kardon speakers and Dolby-powered audio, the VAVA Chroma brings you state-of-the-art sound to enhance your home theater experience. I look forward to hearing this projector firsthand.

The VAVA Chroma offers an impressive array of inputs and connectors with what VAVA calls Complete Connectivity. It's easy to access your media from any device, from your laptop to your hard drive. The Chroma includes three HDMI inputs with HDCP 2.2 and Audio Return Channel (ARC) functionality for easy connection to an external sound system, one USB Type-A port, an RJ 45 connection, and stereo audio out via analog connectors or S/PDIF.

While gamers will enjoy a big-screen experience on the VAVA Chroma, VAVA does not list the input lag speed of the HDMI inputs. That makes it unclear whether the gaming experience on this projector will be casual or fast-paced. The projector does support 4K@60 fps.

The VAVA Chroma offers HDR compatibility. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a standard for displays to show images with more brightness and contrast, especially in portraying light and dark details and the image's color rendering. 

HDR projectors offer an experience closer to what might be found in a cinema. HDR content on this projector should display more colors that the human eye can see and content as the filmmaker intended. HDR, if done right, should provide a more pleasant viewing experience than SDR.

The VAVA Chroma features built-in Voice Control that is designed to improve your search and control experience from the couch with Amazon's Alexa. 

The VAVA Chroma 4k Triple Laser Home Theater

Additional information about VAVA and its award-winning products can be found at the VAVA official store. Chroma, VAVA's new triple laser projector, is now available for purchase at the VAVA Official Store and Best Buy for $3,499.99.

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