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ViewSonic X100-4K 4K LED Smart Home Theater Projector Review - Notable Features

Posted on August 9, 2021 by Kam Valentine

The X100-4K utilizes many of ViewSonic’s popular features and proprietary technologies discussed in detail in our review of the ViewSonic X10-4KE and ViewSonic LS700HD. I will, however, summarize some of the more notable ViewSonic features found on the X100-4K.


Aptoide TV home screen.

Once installed, the included ViewSonic Wi-Fi dongle provides its users access to Aptoide. What is Aptoide? Aptoide is an independent Android App Store. Aptoide proudly states, “Discover and distribute top apps in the safest Android app store. No geo-restrictions so that you can find all the content you want, wherever you want.”

Aptoide had the usual apps like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and iHeart Radio. Clearly missing was Disney+, and instead, Aptoide had apps I have never heard of, like, YuppTV, puhu TV, and TVCatchup. Netflix was glitchy through Aptoide, and the X100-4K remote had a hard time working within the app. I had to press the directional pad one to twenty times to get the app to move to the next movie.

Aptoide Amazon Prime video app.

Amazon Instant Video (Amazon Prime Video) and Pandora came up with an error message that stated, “This application has Google Services dependencies and may not work since this service is not available in your device.” I downloaded the Amazon Prime Video app anyway and could not log in; the screen just froze repeatedly on the login screen.

Overall, I found Aptoide to be buggy, and it was a roll of the dice on what resolution the apps supported. You may want to use an external streaming device like Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV for streaming your favorites.


The X100-4K has Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, thanks to the included Wi-Fi dongle. I downloaded the required ViewSonic vRemote and had it set up in about two minutes. The vRemote is a smart controller app for ViewSonic projectors. The setup was easy due to the on-screen instructions. The vRemote had input selections, a home button, auto-focus, mute, volume down, volume up, and a power button.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control capabilities.

It was fun and convenient to use my Alexa to control the X100-4K. I forgot to turn the projector off after I already walked upstairs and was able to use Alexa to power off the projector for me without needing to go back downstairs.


I watched movies from the blue WD HDD pictured on the right.

The USB 2.0 Type-A port located underneath the X100-4K was used for the Wi-Fi dongle. A USB 3.0 Type-A input located on the left side of the chassis could be used for numerous media types, like videos, photos, or MP3. I used a WD My Passport Ultra HDD that I use for all of my projector reviews, and it worked with the projector with no issues to report. My MacBook Pro and iPad Pro also worked flawlessly with the X100-4K. As a matter of fact, I even used the X100-4K with my MacBook Pro to write this review. Finally, I tested out my Razer Naga Trinity gaming mouse with the X100-4K, and it also worked as expected.


ViewSonic X100-4K vCastSender app.

The vCastSender app transforms your smartphones and tablets into touch screen remote controls for the projector. The app is available to Apple and Android users.

I found myself using my Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max more than the included remote control to operate the X100-4K. Typing was easy, and the touch capabilities were intuitive.


The X100-4K has onboard calibration tools for Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) calibration technicians. Under the projector’s Image Settings, you will find various color modes. ISF Day and ISF Night are among the choices.

The X100-4K has ISF calibration modes for day and night.

The ISF modes are used by calibration technicians who specialize in fine-tuning and tweaking advanced settings on a projector in its environment. By adjusting the levels of a projector to its environment by balancing the color, contrast, and brightness setting against the room lighting and against each other, brings out the true potential of the projector.

ISF Day mode is designed for a calibration technician to tune the projector for watching movies in bright environments. ISF Night mode is for a calibration technician to tune the projector for watching movies in dark environments.

The X100-4K provides the calibration tools to allow ISF- certified technicians to provide on-site tuning of Day and Night modes to fit each user’s requirement in bright and dark environments.


Horizontal and vertical lens shift knobs.

ViewSonic states the X100-4K is the “World’s 1st LED Home Cinema Projector with Wide Lens Shift” for under $4,000. You would most likely have to spend nearly double the price of the X100-4K to find a 4K laser projector with this feature.

So, the question is, could this projector have been built with only digital keystone correction? The answer is yes, but digital keystone correction sacrifices some of your resolution. When you’re buying a 4K projector, you typically want all of the resolution you paid for.

Digital keystone corrections undoubtedly can be helpful; however, they should be viewed as last-resort options. Ideally, you would want to address image alignment issues during the placement phase of the projector or with lens shift If at all possible.


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