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Vivitek H9080FD - Performance

Posted on August 19, 2009 by Art Feierman

Vivitek H9080FD Brightness

H9080FD Projector - Uncalibrated:

Color Temp set to Standard, Gamma to film: 407 lumens

Same as above, but with Brilliant Color on: 508 lumens (25% brighter)

Other gammas

Cinema 407 @ 7341
CBright 409 @ 7343
Graphics 409 @ 7319
CRT 409 @ 7308

Maximum lumen output – any gamma setting, Cool color temp, with Brilliant Color On= 526 lumens

Brightness with gamma set to film, for other color temperature settings (Brilliant Color off):

Warm color temp 376 lumens @ 5754K
Cool color temp 421 lumens @ 8727K
Cooler color temp 421 lumens @ 11,820K (way too cold - not watchable)

The Effect of zoom lens positioning on brightness: Our standard measurements reported are done with the zoom at its mid-point. Here are relative numbers taken using Standard color temp, Film gamma, Brilliant Color off, for different lens positioning:

Zoom out (closest position - wide-angle) 419 lumens
Mid-zoom 407 lumens
Zoom in 383 lumens

The Vivitek has a relatively limited 1.3:1 zoom, so a large change in brightness wasn't expected, still, that's not much change from wide to tele. That probably indicates particularly well designed optics.

Lamp Brightness: Unlike other projectors, the Vivitek H9080FD does not have an "economy" mode with less lumens and more lamp life. Afterall, 20,000 hours - 10 years of 40 hours a week, should be sufficient lamp life for everyone.

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