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XGIMI is getting a lot of attention from Android fan sites and technology media for their Android powered smart projectors

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XGIMI’s goal is to create products that seamlessly blend into home spaces and are supremely easy to use. To that end, XGIMI has integrated full Android TV into all of their projectors. This means that users have access to thousands of their favorite apps and can be up and running with their favorite shows instantly. Android TV means users can sync their content across all of their devices so they never miss the latest episodes and can pick up where they left off. Built-in Chromecast allows users to quickly cast movies or photos straight to their projector. XGIMI has designed their projectors to take advantage of everything Android TV has to offer. XGIMI's auto keystone, auto focus and Intelligent Screen Adaption (ISA) technology allows users the ability to set up their XGIMI device from almost any angle and in almost any environment with ease, making XGIMI projectors easy to use.

Since expanding into the Western markets in 2020, XGIMI has quickly gained the attention of Android media as being one of the top-notch Android-powered projector manufacturers on the market. Some of the most well respected technology and Android fan sites have given XGIMI projectors top ranks and reviews including Android Police, Android Central, Android Authority, Phandroid, Android Headlines, Talk Android, and even CNN & CNET have cited XGIMI’s responsive Android UI integration.  

Android Central gave Recommended badges to XGIMI’s Horizon Pro, Elfin, Aura and Halo+, while Android Headlines named Horizon Pro the Best Android Powered Projector You Can Buy and dished out its Editor’s Choice award. Android Police named both Halo+ and Aura as Best Android Projectors, saying “It's safe to say that the Halo+ is the best portable projector around.” CNET said of the Halo+ “the simplicity of the built-in Android TV interface and its myriad streaming options makes it far easier to use than many previous portable projectors we've liked.” Android Central also named XGIMI’s MoGo Pro to their list of Best Android Powered Projectors.  

The Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) even noted in this year’s award citation for XGIMI’s AURA UST projector, that “smart features, provided by the Android OS, include video-on-demand apps and screen mirroring, ensuring this high-performance UST projector lives up to its home entertainment promise,” - AURA was awarded a Best Product award for the UST category.  

XGIMI is committed to elevating home projection and will continue to adapt the latest version of Android TV to ensure that users will always have the best experience. "When developing our products, we always focus on the user and reimagine what is possible with home entertainment. Our goal is to offer each customer a simple and comfortable viewing experience. The integration of Android TV laid the foundation for smooth cinematic moments,” said Tex Yang, VP of Global Business. 

Learn more about XGIMI’s Android powered designs by visiting their website. Check out our reviews of some of their products:


XGIMI Halo Best in Class Award Winner
XGIMI Halo Best in Class Award Winner

The XGIMI Halo is a smart 1080P portable DLP projector with a compact design that I really appreciated for its portability.



The XGIMI Elfin Smart LED projector is a 1080P projector rated to deliver up to 800 ANSI lumens.


XGIMI-Aura Projector

The Aura is XGIMI's first Ultra Short Throw (UST) Smart Laser Projector that comes packed with many of their advanced technologies.

XGIMI Horizon Pro

The Horizon is a Smart all-in-one 1080p portable 4K compatible DLP projector. 


XGIMI-Halo+ Image

The Halo+ is a Full High Definition (FHD) Smart Portable Projector with expanded features.

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