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XGIMI To Show New MoGo 2 Pro Projector at CES2023 Featuring Upgraded Intelligent Screen Adaptation Technology

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XGIMI, an industry-awarded projector and laser TV brand, announced it will showcase a new portable projector at CES next month that will feature its unique new ISA (Intelligent Screen Adaptation) 2.0 technology. 

XGIMI’s upgraded ISA technology makes their projectors even easier to use and will be integrated into the new MoGo 2 Pro, which will be available later in 2023. CES will be consumers first chance to experience XGIMI’s latest addition to the MoGo series. In addition to the new MoGo 2 Pro, XGIMI will also show its entire current portfolio including their home projectors, such as the HORIZON Pro, their laser projector the AURA, and the Halo series of portable projectors.  

Easy to use: ISA 2.0 - Intelligent Screen Adaptation 

XGIMI's goal is to make smart projectors easy-to-use so that everyone can enjoy a cinematic experience.

Unlike a TV, which has its fixed place, projector users might want to place their device throughout the house or use it on-the-go. To meet this need, XGIMI developed their ISA technology - to give users more flexibility. 

Building on previous iterations of their ISA technology, there are three brand new functions: Seamless Auto Keystone Correction, Seamless Auto Focus, and Intelligent Eye Protection. All of these innovations are part of the Intelligent Screen Adaptation Technology 2.0 (ISA), which is achieved with a custom-developed 3D ToF module. 

Most ISA functions take place without interrupting projection and thus do not impair the viewing experience. The intelligent focusing and stabilization occurs automatically and there is no physical set-up or waiting time, compared to the previous version.

Cinematic Image Quality 

Although an entry-level product, XGIMI claims the MoGo 2 Pro delivers quality images that can stretch to up to 200 inches powered by a brightness of more than 350 ISO lumens, which makes every detail of a movie visible. Images are maximized with full HD resolution of 1080p and HDR 10 support. 

Winner of the German Design Award: Sleek and minimalist design 

MoGo 2 Pro is a nimble 2.2 pounds with a height of only 6.54 inches, allowing it to fit into any room, nook or crevice. The high-quality sandstone-textured Mocha Gold tone makes it an unobtrusive projector that fits into any home's design. The German Design Award team appreciated the flexible yet stylish design and gave the MoGo 2 Pro the Excellent Product Design award for entertainment. "The smart 'XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro' 1080p projector turns rooms into cinemas. It combines a handy, compact size with a clear, modern and high-quality design that focuses on function and performance", according to the award citation. 

CES attendees can try out the new ISA 2.0 system for themselves and test its unique advantages while catching the very first glimpse of MoGo 2 Pro. XGIMI will be exhibiting at booth 52829, Venetian Expo Hall A-D at CES 2023 and invites CES attendees to come and experience its lineup of smart projectors. 

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