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XGIMI Halo Portable 1080P Android TV Projector Review- Summary

Posted on May 6, 2021 by Kam Valentine

XGIMI Halo Portable 1080P Android TV Projector Review – Summary: Highlights, Pros and Cons


The XGIMI Halo is a 1080P LED DLP smart projector that has an MSRP of $799.00. It utilizes a single DLP (0.33” DMD) chip. Its LED light source is rated to deliver at 600-800 ANSI lumens for up to 30,000 hours, giving you many years of maintenance-free operation. The Halo has a fixed focal length lens with a powered focus.

The Halo is built with the Android TV 9.0 Operating System. Smart features are integrated seamlessly, and the menus are easy to navigate and are well laid out. The Halo is loaded with popular streaming apps like Netflix, HULU, Disney+, YouTube, and Peacock.

You can use the remote for voice control with its built-in microphone to control basic projector features. The remote also controls a wide variety of compatible Smart devices via Google Assistant.

XGIMI Halo has a the built-in battery rated for up to eight hours of music playback or up to four hours of video playback time. This really enhances the units portability and makes it a great option for a backyard theater or watching a movie at a camp site.

In addition to being feature packed, the Halo deliver the best picture quality we have seen from a battery powered portable projector in its price range which is why we awarded the unit a Projector Reviews Best in Class Award.


  • Small, compact, and portable size
  • LED light source
  • 30,000-hour lamp life
  • 10,000+ Point Autofocus
  • Very good picture quality
  • Impressive amount of brightness
  • Built-in Battery
  • HDR Decoding
  • Harmon Kardon 5W speakers
  • Android TV
  • Google Assistant


  • Remote control lacks a backlight
  • Single HDMI input

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