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XGIMI Halo+ Portable Smart LED Projector Review - Hardware

Posted on October 10, 2021 by Kam Valentine


The Intelligent Screen Adaptation (ISA) sensors are on the lower front of the Halo+.

The Halo+ is a portable smart LED 1080p projector that’s measures 6.75-inches(H) x 4.46-inches(W) x 5.70-inches(D). The Halo+ only weighs 3.53 pounds which makes it great for tossing into a backpack. The Intelligent Screen Adaption sensors are located on the front of the chassis. There are two 5-watt Harman Kardon speakers, one located on each side of the Halo projector. The air intake vent is located on the projector’s front, while the exhaust vent is located on the back.

The inputs and connectors are located on the rear of the unit.

All of the connectors and inputs are located on the rear of the Halo+. The rear of the chassis has a 3.5mm headphone audio output port, HDMI 2.0 input port, USB 2.0 input port, and a DC input port.

Halo+ touch control panel.

The top of the aluminum chassis has a small three-button control panel on it. The panel has a volume down button, a shared play/pause button, a volume up button. The on/off power button is located on the rear of the projector. For easy placement, a threaded tripod socket is conveniently located on the bottom of the Halo+.

Speaking of threaded tripod sockets, my demo Halo+ came with the optional XGIMI X-Desk Stand Pro. The X-Desk Stand Pro threads into the Halo+’s tripod socket and perfectly complements the Halo+’s modern form factor. The X-Desk Stand Pro allows the Halo+ to rotate 360° and provides a 12° adjustable pitch angle.


Halo+ lens close up.

The Halo+ has a digital zoom lens and a powered lens focus. The Halo+ has a throw ratio of 1.2:1. The Halo+ includes impressive ±40 degree horizontal and ±40 degree vertical Auto Keystone Correction software. The Auto Keystone Correction technology aligns Halo+’s image vertically and horizontally to custom-fit walls or screen to an ideal aspect ratio at almost any angle.


The Halo+ is a portable smart projector with a menu system that is easy to navigate and is well organized. The Home button, which looks like a house, allows you to access apps and other entertaining services. Once you are in the Halo+ app menu, you can select a specific input, network settings, streaming apps, media player, or explore the Google Play Store.

The button that looks like a gear is the Shortcut Settings button, which takes you directly to the basic settings menu. It is here that the end-user can adjust the Image Mode and Sound Settings. You can scroll all the way down and press the All Settings tab to be taken to the projector’s more advanced settings. Brightness (power mode) settings can also be adjusted under the Projector Settings tab. Pressing the Home button brings you back to the home screen, once again allowing access to apps and other entertaining services.


A clean and simple remote is included with the Halo+.

The XGIMI Halo+ remote has the buttons needed for most everyday tasks, including power on/off, settings shortcut, Google Assistant voice control, D-Pad, select, back, menu, home, volume, and screen focus. The Google Assistant button is the only colored button on the remote. It is used for voice control of the projector and compatible 3rd party Internet of Things (IoT) devices via the Android TV 10.0 and Google Assistant.

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