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XGIMI - Striving to Bring the Big Screen Experience to a Wider Audience

Posted on November 1, 2021 by Kam Valentine

While projectors can create a larger and more immersive image than a flat-panel TV due to their feature set and form factor, most are regulated to a media room or dedicated home theater. However, some projector manufacturers are working hard to make projectors more appealing and accessible to a broader range of consumers. One of those manufacturers is XGIMI. XGIMI’s mission is to bring immersive large screen projection to the world at an affordable price.

In this featured article, brought to you by XGIMI, we will take a deep dive into XGIMI as a company and look at how they make projectors more accessible to a broader audience. Of course, that means we will take a look at some of the impressive XGIMI products.

To be clear, when I say affordable, I absolutely do not mean cheaply made! Look at an XGIMI projector, and you will see that it’s anything but cheaply made. I have personally had hands-on experience, tested, and reviewed every XGIMI projector that has come out this year (2021). I can confidently tell you that XGIMI projectors are not cheaply made. The fit and finish of XGIMI projectors are like a work of art, and you are getting more than what you paid for.

The fit and finish of XGIMI projectors are excellent

With XGIMI, a dedicated darkened home theater is no longer required to enjoy the big screen projection. Instead, XGIMI is determined to improve its customer’s audio-visual experience without a dedicated darkroom. So, let’s take a look at XGIMI’s approach to reimagining home entertainment with incredible audio-visual experiences and supersizing the movies and streaming content you love.

XGIMI has won 38 international design and innovation awards

XGIMI projectors have won numerous awards in numerous different international markets in recent years. In the last eight years alone, XGIMI has won 38 international design and innovation awards, including the world’s 4 major industrial design awards. Some of those awards include winning the “reddot” awards every year since 2017, iF (International Forum) design awards, and multiple CES Innovations Honoree awards. Keep in mind that XGIMI was founded only eight years ago, on November 13th, 2013. XGIMI has won a lot of international innovation and design awards in an impressively short amount of time.

We at Projector Reviews recognized XGIMI’s efforts and awarded the XGIMI Halo our “Best in Class” award because we felt it was one of the best portable smart projectors with a built-in battery in its price range; that was even before the updated XGIMI Halo+ came out. We also awarded the XGIMI Horizon Pro our “Highly Recommended” award. Due to their high quality and attractive design, XGIMI has grown to become the leading projector manufacturer in China. Their market share globally is also increasing. 

This year we have given XGIMI projectors like the Halo and Horizon Pro awards

At this point, you may be wondering how XGIMI has become such a powerhouse in such little time. First, XGIMI projectors are made with leading industry partners such as Texas Instruments, Harman/Kardon, Google, and Baidu, Inc., a Chinese multinational technology company specializing in internet-related services, products, and artificial intelligence.

One of XGIMI’s latest partnerships is with Appotronics. XGIMI's newest laser projector, the Aura 4K Ultra Short Throw (UST), Digital Light Processing (DLP) Laser Projector, utilizes Appotronics ALPD® Laser Display technology. With all these partnerships, one can see that XGIMI values a diverse portfolio to optimize its projection products.

XGIMI’s partnerships and diverse portfolio have allowed them to create a series of game-changing big screen projection products. Products that provide cutting-edge technology and user-first experience for consumers; that is 1.5 million consumers and growing.

Here’s my elevator pitch… First, XGIMI projectors are designed to have super-fast boot-up speeds from 5 to 12 seconds; I have verified the boot-up speeds in my projector testing area. Second, setup is quick thanks to XGIMI’s Auto Focus technology and industry-leading Auto Keystone Correction technology. Third, XGIMI projectors are easy to use. XGIMI smart projectors, like most smart TVs, use one remote to adjust the projector settings and access the unit’s built-in Android TV functionality, which reduces unnecessary complications. Lastly, XGIMI projectors are high-quality yet affordable; as I said in a recent review, you are getting more than what you paid for when purchasing one of XGIMI’s innovative projectors.

The XGIMI Halo+ aluminum chassis provides a fresh look and compliments most room designs and styles.


Many people steer away from a projector due to the complexities in setup projectors were known for in the past. Some projectors still take a decent amount of time to perfectly align to a projector screen. Since setting up a projector has been challenging and intimidating, companies like XGIMI have greatly simplified the installation process. For example, properly fitting the image to the screen can take up your valuable time and requires the projector to be perfectly positioned. If a projector is not perpendicular to the screen, or if the projection screen has a slightly angled surface. The resulting image appears as a trapezoid rather than a square, causing deformation that should be avoided. Many projectors now offer manual keystone correction to square up the image, and some projector models even keystone automatically.

Many of XGIMI’s projectors have their industry-leading Auto Keystone Correction technology. XGIMI’s Auto Keystone Correction automatically aligns the image based on +/-40 degree vertical/horizontal angles for the Elfin and +/-45 degree vertical/horizontal angles for projectors like the Halo+ and Horizon Pro. I cannot overemphasize how vital XGIMI’s Auto Keystone Correct technology is for a portable projector that will undoubtedly be set up outside on uneven terrain. For example, I’ve taken the Halo+ camping with me and used it to watch the Chargers football game outside while grilling up lunch. The outdoor terrain where the projector portable projector screen had to be set up was a rough and ragged mess! XGIMI’s Auto Keystone Technology came in to save the day, quickly adjusted the image and squared it to the screen so my family and I could watch the game.

Many projector manufacturers stop at having Keystone Correction technology on their projectors. Still, XGIMI takes it a step further and offers two additional proprietary features to further simplify installation. XGIMI has an ace up its sleeve with Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance and Intelligent Screen Alignment.

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance detects objects in the projection area and scales the image to avoid them. The Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance technology automatically avoids obstacles like light switches or picture frames with ease, based on my experience testing multiple XGIMI projectors with this feature.

Intelligent Screen Alignment adjusts the projected image to match your detected projector screen size automatically. With XGIMI’s Intelligent Screen Alignment, equipped projectors are trained through thousands of scenes and hundreds of screen settings to automatically recognize the screen area and adjust the image accordingly. During testing, I found that XGIMI’s Intelligent Screen Alignment perfectly adjusted the projected image within seconds.

XGIMI portable projectors do not mind being outdoors on uneven ground; they auto-adjust for the perfect image.

Suppose you are a person who is always on the move, or perhaps you like to take your projected entertainment outdoors where you may certainly encounter uneven surfaces. In that case, the XGIMI’s Intelligent Screen Alignment, Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance, and Auto Keystone Correction technology are irreplaceable.

Unless, of course, you do not mind breaking out a level to level out your projector and projector screen every time you find yourself on uneven ground. XGIMI projectors with superb processor speed and trained artificial intelligence tested through countless screen trials, boot up fast, and perfectly adjust projected images in seconds. XGIMI said it best when they stated, “Our industry-leading Intelligent Screen Adaption (ISA) technology simplifies usability and setup.”

Lastly, with XGIMI’s 10,000+ point rapid auto-focus function and professional high-definition cameras, projector images are automatically focused upon turning on the projector instead of involving the end-user with a tedious manual focus operation. Of course, suppose you want to manually adjust the focus on an XGIMI projector. In that case, you most definitely can override the auto-focus and make your own adjustments. XGIMI’s Auto Focus ensures your favorite content is always crisp and clear. I never had the need to manually adjust any of the XGIMI projectors I’ve tested.

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