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Pro Cinema 4030 First Look Review is posted

The Pro Cinema 4030 offers 2000 lumens and a three year warranty

Greetings!  I just posted a “first look” review on the Epson Pro Cinema 4030 home theater projector, but due to getting close to our switchover to our new site, it made sense to put it on the full site.  Here’s the link: Pro Cinema 4030.   I’ve already logged a couple dozen hours viewing with this Epson projector.

I have dropped in a few photos including black level comparisons (the Bond train scene).  There are comparisons with the Epson 5020UB, Panasonic PT-AE8000U, etc.  Thanks!


The Projectors Are Coming, the Projectors are Coming!

This new Epson 6030UB replaces last year's model with performance enhancements.

Greetings Projector fans!  OK, I now have some real information about what’s coming in for review over the next two weeks – a grand total of 5 projectors scheduled to arrive.  Three have already shipped:

Arriving this week (probably today):  Multiple Epson projectors

Arriving next week:  New Optoma Gaming Projector and BenQ W1500 projector!  Below, providing short descriptions of each (not as long as in the individual blogs previously posted).

Epson Pro Cinema 6030UB and Home Cinema 5030UB.  As most of you know, these two are “almost”


Mitsubishi Quits Projectors

That’ the news here in the US.  I was informed this morning that Mitsubishi is exiting the front projector business.  When I was being told, I first figured they were talking only about home theater projectors, but no, it covers all their business and education projectors as well.

It’s not too surprising when a company exits home theater projectors only, such as InFocus has done in the US, but the business  and education projector market is about 20 times the size, so exits are rare.  Further,


Where Have All The NEW Home Theater Projectors Gone – Long Time Passing?

The Pro Cinema 4030 offers 2000 lumens and a three year warranty, it was the one of the few under $3000 projectors announced.

CEDIA news of new home theater projectors this year must be a major disappointment to most home theater enthusiasts.  I personally can’t recall a previous CEDIA in the last decade or so, with as few new projectors announced.  I’m definitely bummed!  It’s a good thing I wanted to learn a lot about smart Home Automation at CEDIA, so we can start covering it.  If I only had meetings this year with projector manufacturers, I could have been out of Denver in an afternoon!

What is stunning, is the lack of newly announced lower cost home projectors.  I’m talking under $2000, and it’s almost as bad


Sony VPL-VW600ES 4K Projector – A First Look

vw600esGreetings everyone, I’ve just spent 3 days with the VW600ES here in my theater!  I’ve already blogged about it extensively, now it’s time to share my first impressions about its performance.  Before I get started, here are some of the basics again.  Price:  $14,999, or $1000 more with Sony’s 4K server, 1700 lumens claimed, 200,000:1 contrast…  I’m still playing with the VW600ES for a few more days before Sony needs it back.  I’ll be adding commentary down around the bottom of this blog, as I think of things to add.

This time around, I’m pretty sure I’m looking at the same engineering sample Sony VPL-VW600Es that Sony brought up here a few weeks ago, and let me play with it for about 6 hours.  This time, I’ve already watched at least 6 hours of NFL football, 4 hours of misc HDTV and at least 8 hours of movies on it.   Mind you this time they did not bring me any 4K content, nor 3D glasses, so this First Look blog about the VPL-VW600ES is strictly focused on viewing 2K content in 2D.  I have yet to load in my own still photos (18 megapixel) to view them via