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Updates: Projector Videos posting this week, site changes


First Read: Navigating the New Projector Reviews website

We think you’ll like our new look and navigation.  We redesigned the site using WordPress as our content management system.  Since the site has changed a great deal, with many things organized differently, here’s some guidance for navigating the new site, and finding what you are looking for, whether projector reviews, articles and FAQs, specs, videos (PR TV) and more.    Gone are the static homepage lists  - of the most recent…


Welcome To the New Projector Reviews Website: A First Read

This is our newly redesigned website, that launched (finally) on November 21st.  As with all sites we’re chasing out the bugs as fast as we can.  Had a few outages on Day one, but looking reasonably stable as I write this just 12 hours after launch.  No offense to the US government, but our site on day one, is apparently far more functional than  the now infamous “Obamacare” website that’s barely functional.   At least we’ve…


Site Redesign: The new Projector Reviews launches Monday 11/18

Greetings projector fans.

My Web designer, and web developer folks say that this coming Monday is the day.  It’s locked in stone!   No more delays.

My apologies to all, and no one more than my family, all of whom help out with the site and have had to deal with me though the frustrations.

I’ve been wandering through and testing the site, of course, and it really is looking great!   And the team is running out of bugs to fix!

Don’t worry though, I’m sure there will be enough minor stuff to fix over the first week or so, but I spent 30 minutes almost randomly wandering around from one review to another, various directories, articles, etc, without hitting any major disasters.  Our specs database is being brought over, and that is not quite populating correctly or we’d probably be live as I write this.

The Epson Pro Cinema 4030 projector review will be the first review published


Redesigned Projector Website Days Away

Greetings projector fans, this us just a brief update.  We’re trying to get the Projector Reviews redesigned website up this week.  With a little luck that means before Thursday, but I can’t even contemplate not getting it up this week.

I sure hope you all like it.   We’ll be fixing minor things for weeks – I believe in all, we now have something approaching 10,000 pages after putting everything in our new WordPress content management system.  Fingers are crossed.

First you should know that there are some reviews already competed in the new site.  They were built there