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Acer H5360 Projector - Performance

Posted on July 26, 2013 by Art Feierman

Acer H5360 Projector - Brightness

The Acer H5360 was a strong performer in terms of brightness. In its brightest mode it measured 2430 lumens. That is pretty great performance since most projectors are about 30 percent less bright than the manufacturer specs report. The H5360 has a rated 2500 lumens of brightness, so these findings show that the projector really can perform as expected. Keep in mind image size plays a big part in brightness levels and for this measurement the image size was 59x33 inches.

In all the other color modes brightness drops and rises depending on the the settings and for the tests I measure the projector in different modes in both Eco mode and Bright mode. First we will start with all the color modes with the projector in Bright mode. Standard mode produced 1836 lumens. Movie mode drops the brighness a bit to 1242 lumens. This is to be expected since the drop in brightness helps increase the contrast ratio and the manufacturer assumes you will be using the projector in a darker environment when watching movies. Dark Cinema Mode really dropped the brightness with a meter reading of 810 lumens. Game mode seems to try and capture the best of both worlds by dropping brightness to increase contrast, but still keep the image bright so read on the meter at 1579 lumens. Sports Mode reported 1282 lumens. User Mode showed the projector put out 1336 lumens and finally Bright Mode as mentioned earlier produced 2430 lumens.

Eco mode drops the brightness of the projector down to quite a bit, but the brightness produced is still good enough for even the most demanding office or home environments. Eco Mode helps save lamp life since it does not burn as bright. You can generally expect about increase the lamp life by about 800 hours if you were to run in Eco Mode most of the time. In Eco Mode the Standard Mode reported 1404 lumens. Movie Mode produced 904 lumens. Dark Cinema Mode produced 837 lumens of brightness. Game mode reported 1201 lumens. Sports Mode 1053, User 945 and Bright Mode showed 1795 according the meter readings.

Acer H5360 Projector - Audible Noise

Audible noise was not an issue with the Acer H5360. During my testing I barely could hear the projector. In Bright mode the fan does spin up to keep the lamp and machine cool, but the noise was still well within spec. In Eco Mode the projector was almost silent. With such low noise levels it really makes for a possible choice as a home theater or gaming projector.

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