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Acer H5360 Projector - Physical Tour

Posted on July 26, 2013 by Art Feierman

Acer H5360 Appearance

The physical appearance of the Acer H5360 is pretty simple. As you can see from the pictures the unit comes in white and is small and compact for easy transport. Starting from the top you will notice the control panel, however, this control panel is kind of unique in that you can remove it and use it as a remote. This projector does not come with a seperate remote so you will want to make sure you return the remote to its slot on the projector when not in use. Overall, a pretty smart design.

In the front of the projector you have a manual focus lens. There is a manual zoom on the H5360 so adjusting image size will be relatively easy should you decide to ceiling mount the projector. You can achieve an 80 inch diagonal image with the projector only 9 feet away. Definitely not an ultra short throw projector but an 80 inch diagonal image from just 9 feet away is pretty good. The front of the projector is all the exhaust port.

On the bottom of the projector you can see the adjustable feet. These adjusable feet to unscrew so you can make fine adjustments to the image. The bottom of the projector is also how you reach the lamp for replacement. You will want to consider this if you plan to ceiling mount the projector. It will more than likely require you or a technician removing the projector to complete the lamp replacement.

The rear of the projector features all of the inputs the projector will accept. Starting from the left you can see a power socket port and opposite on the right side you will find a Kensington lock port. Above the power socket is the RS232 connector for command and control of the projector. To the right you will find your typical VGA port that also doubles as component input for HD. The Acer H5360 also accepts HDMI so there is a input for that as well. Interestingly enough this projector also has inputs for component video so you won't need a special cable. As is standard with all projectors it comes with a s-video and composite video port. Although H5360 is not a powerhouse when it comes to sound, it does have a input for sound should you want to use the projectors speaker.

Acer H5360 Setup and Menus

Acer did a nice job putting together a easy to use menu system. Navigating the menu system is done via control panel on top of the projector. As mentioned before this is also the remote since it slides out from the projector. The menu system has adjustments for changing the color mode, aspect ratio, brightness levels and so on. Take a look at some screen shots below to get a closer look at its features.

Acer H5360 Menu Slideshow

Color Menu

Image Menu

Management Menu

Acer H5360 Remote Control

The most unique feature of the H5360 is its remote. The fact that it doubles as a input panel when you set it back into the projector is pretty convenient. Although, its shape and size and overall ergonomics suffer because of this design. It is not a remote that can easily be used just by touch alone.

You will more than likely find yourself looking down at the remote while you present. Having said that, I recommend purchasing a wireless mouse designed for PowerPoint presentations to make your presentation run smoother.

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