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Acer H5360 DLP Projector - Review Summary

Posted on July 26, 2013 by Art Feierman

Acer H5360 Projector: Bottom Line

The bottom line on the Acer H5360 is you get a a lot of projector at a low price. The native resolutionof 1280x720 puts this projector as a pretty good choice for part time home entertainment use and as a business projector in the conference room. Light output in its brightest setting measured extremely close to the manufacturers rating of 2500 lumens. Quite impressive. However, you will want to run the projector, if possible in ECO mode to save lamp life. The brightness in ECO mode was bright enough to still handle the most demanding rooms. As with any projector, to get the best image, you will want to have control of your lighting.

Dimensionally the projector is small and compact. Althouth there are smaller units on the market, the Acer is in-line with other portable projectors. The projector is easy to setup since it does have two adjustable feet. The fact that one foot is adjustable in the rear and one is adjustable in the front, as opposed just two in the front is something I do not often see and make sense since typically you do need to adjust the rear tilt of the projector.

The unique remote/control panel combo is a nice touch, but you definitely don't want to lose the remote. Assuming you always put it back in the projector you shouldn't have any issues.

Overall the projector performed well in terms of color accuracy, but was plagued by the issues that seem to face all DLP projectors in terms of really producing accurate yellows and reds. Picture sharpness was also satisfactory and the fact that image was sharp and focused with just a touch of softness made it a little more pleasing to the eye.

Acer H5360 Projector: Pros

  • 2500 rated lumens and measured out to be 2430 lumens in its brightest mode
  • Sharp image in its native resolution but a nice touch of softness
  • Remote that stores on top of the projector and becomes a control panel
  • Has built in component video inputs. Red, Green, Blue. No adapter needed.
  • Has built-in HDMI input.

Acer H5360 Projector: Cons

  • No SD Card reader port
  • If you lose remote you have no way of controlling the projector without using RS232 connector.
  • Higher resolutions beyond the native resolution were not as good as other projectors on the market.

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