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Acer VL7860 4K UHD Laser Projector Review – Advanced Calibration

Acer VL7860 4K UHD Laser Projector Review – Advanced Calibration: CMS Calibration, Calibration Charts

CMS Settings for Best (dark room) calibration – Rec.709 Mode

RGBCMY Hue Saturation Gain
Red -10 100 133
Green -20 96 133
Blue -34 107 111
Cyan -49 101 143
Magenta 40 84 130
Yellow -18 95 139

The default CMS is not that bad considering it’s before calibration performance is affected by the cool pre-calibration white balance. If you look carefully at the ‘before’ CMS calibration chart you will see all of the colors originate from the white point which is in the blue zone, this means all the colors are pulled towards blue. After correcting the white point through calibration, the hue for all the color was improved. After doing a full CMS calibration I was able to get exceptional color performance for all 6 colors across of their saturation points.

CMS Settings for Brightest calibration – User Mode

RGBCMY Hue Saturation Gain
Red -5 99 167
Green -18 96 158
Blue -32 104 117
Cyan -15 102 127
Magenta 12 85 141
Yellow -27 97 127

With Brilliant Color turned on for my Brightest calibration I expect the colors in CMS to be less accurate especially when it comes to luminance and they were. However, for some reason cyan at 100% saturation took a wicked drop towards blue. The rest of the colors behaved and calibrated quite nicely but not as good as my Best/Dark Room calibration.