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Acer X1261P Projector Special Features

Posted on October 4, 2013 by Art Feierman

3D Ready

The Acer X1261P is ready to go with support for both Nvidia's 3D standard as well as DLP 3D. This should allow this Acer projector to work with most educational 3D software (hey, 3D is still new and standards and compatibility is just starting to get good) We tested this Acer projector using three different coursework demo clips. The X1261P did fine on all of them, using a standard 3D movie player. The Acer lacks an HDMI port so forget Blu-ray 3D for now, but then, that isn't the purpose of this projector. Still, those looking for a personal business projector with 3D capability might like that. If you have that in mind, don't necessarily despair.

I've been waiting for an Optoma device (to review), the 3D-XL, which is designed to take in an HDMI 1.4a source with content including Blu-ray 3D, and convert it to work with most standard 720p projectors that support 3D. That device will likely also work with an XGA projector like this Acer, but we won't know until tested.

Bottom line, the Acer, as far as the limited selection of content I have here, seems to be as able as any of the other 3D projectors so far reviewed. Even the more expensive Sharp projector, which does have HDMI, lacks 1.4, so is not Blu-ray 3D compatible.


A few years back, micro-portables were defined as sub-five pound projectors that had a footprint smaller than a sheet of paper. This Acer X1261P meets the description. No longer of course are micro-portables the smallest and lightest game in town. This Acer X1261p is still magnitudes bigger than the pico and pocket projectors out there, but it costs less, delivers more. The Acer is 10 to 50X brighter than those smaller lighter projectors, making it far more useful. From a portability standpoint, note that while smaller than just about all the other projectors reviewed for the Education report, there are still noticeably smaller and lighter projectors, that are equally powerful without getting down to the pocket sized ones, and some of those are under 3 pounds.

This Acer micro-portable projector has a monitor out, unlike most Micro-portable projectors, and that is important for many educators, and users in general, when working from a desktop computer, rather than a laptop.

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