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BenQ HT1075 Projector Advanced Calibration

Posted on October 4, 2014 by 
Welcome to the Advanced Calibration Page of the HT1075 Projector.  This page is for subscribers only. This page provides the post calibration settings for each of the primary and secondary colors using the color management system (CMS). In addition it provides CIE charts for Pre and Post Calibration of Cinema mode, as well as a chart of Bright mode. Other charts include color balance (20 to 100 IRE) and gamma - pre and post adjustment.

About this Calibration Information

Mike completed the CMS calibration of the individual colors, which are provided below. And, of course, some additional comments from him.

BenQ HT1075 CMS

Color Management Settings (Default is in parentheses)
Red Green Blue Cyan Magenta Yellow
Hue (46) 43 (50) 55 (50) 58 (65) 63 (67) 54 (50) 50
Gain (50) 51 (50) 51 (50) 51 (50) 48 (50) 51 (50) 48
Saturation (50) 63 (50) 59 (50) 59 (50) 64 (50) 64 (50) 60

Numbers shown in  ( ) represent the factory default settings, those without ( ) are the actual results.

Mike's CMS Calibration Notes

The color gamut by default was pretty accurate in Cinema and Standard, but way off in Bright mode (see CIE charts).  All of the colors were slightly low in lightness, while cyan and magenta were the furthest off in hue.

Green and yellow, often the most inaccurate colors with many DLP projectors, were both quite good by default.  The CMS worked well, bringing the Delta E error down from a 6.3 average to 0.7.  Chromaticity errors, which ranged from -10.9% to 6.4% (with the low values in lightness) were also reduced to a range of -4.1% to 1.7%.

Overall, the grayscale and color gamut of the HT1075 is among the best I’ve measured by default, which is quite an accomplishment considering the price.

Calibration Charts (Before and After)

Click to enlarge these charts, pre- and post-calibration.

This Slideshow image player is manual.  Use the arrow keys to select the image you want to enlarge, and then click on the image.

BenQ HT1075 Pre- and Post-Calibration Charts

CIE Chart Pre-Calibration (Bright)

Bright's CIE chart is not pretty! Only red seems close to target. But then, Bright mode is definitely not pretty to look at, as is true with most "dynamic" modes on projectors!

CIE Chart Pre-Calibration (Cinema)

Here's a CIE chart that looks about as good as most projector's charts look - after calibration!

CIE Chart Post-Calibration (CMS - Cinema)

This post-calibration CIE chart of Cinema (in User 1) is even better than the one above, but there wasn't all that much improvement possible!

CIE Gamma Chart

This is the same chart found elsewhere in the review. Gamma has a slight rise, other projectors may be more linear consistent, but gamma averages 2.18 vs. 2.2 target. Finer controls would allow for better, but gamma's very good.

CIE Chart Grayscale Post-Calibration

From 30 to 90 IRE excellent balance between colors, with only some modest deviation at white (100 IRE) and deep grays (20)

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