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BenQ MW535A WXGA Business Projector Review – Hardware

BenQ MW535A WXGA Business Projector Review – Hardware: Overview, Inputs and Connectors, Lens


The BenQ MW535A is a WXGA projector designed for business and educational applications, specifically for smaller classrooms and meeting rooms.  It measures 3.9 inches tall, by 13.1 inches wide and 9.5 inches deep, and weighs 5.3 lbs.  This projector is designed to be placed on a table top, but is also able to be ceiling mounted, and also supports rear projection (both table top and ceiling mounted.)  Test patterns are built in which allows you to choose the best color mode, along with digital vertical keystone, which makes setup a snap and ensures your presentation fits the screen properly.

In this review, I set up the MW535A on a table top, therefore all descriptions of the unit will be written as it appeared when sitting on top of a table.  The front of the projector is where the lens is located.  To the bottom right of the lens you’ll find the IR receiver for the remote control.  The left side is where the cool air intake is found, and the right side houses the hot (and I mean HOT!) air exhaust.  The rear of the projector is almost entirely taken up by inputs and connectors.  The top of the projector is where the control panel and indicator lights are found.

Inputs and Connectors

BenQ MW535A Inputs and Connections
BenQ MW535A Inputs and Connections

The BenQ MW535A WXGA business projector comes equipped with connectors suitable for an office or classroom environment.  There are three rows of connectors.  Starting with the top row, left to right, we have a USB Mini B connection, which allows media to be connected for PC Free presentations. That is followed by an RS-232 connection for legacy command and control.  To the right of that, you’ll find a VGA input for PC-1 (PC-2 is in the second row, allowing a second PC or VGA device to be connected.)  Then is an S-Video port, followed by two HDMI ports.  Next is a 3.5mm Audio In port.

The second row is equipped with a Monitor Out VGA port, allowing the presenter to plug a computer screen or flat screen TV directly into the projector.  Next follows PC-2 (as previously discussed) and a yellow RCA Video input.  Next is a 3.5mm Audio Out port, which I will discuss the importance of on the next page in the “Audio Quality” section.  Below the second row, you’ll also find the power cord connection (standard PC power cord), a Kensington lock port, and an additional area to attach a cable lock.


BenQ MW535A Lens Zoom and Focus
BenQ MW535A Lens Zoom and Focus Controls

The lens found on the BenQ MW535A has a zoom ratio of 1.20:1.  Zoom and focus are both manual via easy to use controls found on the top of the projector.  This lens is quick to focus and provides a decent range of optical zoom.  Digital vertical keystone is controlled via the remote control and control panel, and a grid test pattern is installed on the projector to provide optimal fit on your screen.