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BenQ PB7200 – Overview

BenQ’s PB7200 is a DLP projector with a small footprint, weighing in at a modest 5.6 pounds.  It is smaller than most projectors at that weight.  It definitely fits into the “Microportable” class of portable projectors.

The PB7200 is rated at an impressive 2200 lumens, which of course, is more than adequate for 90% of presenters.

The feature set provided on the PB7200 is pretty extensive, this is definitely not an entry level XGA projector even though it typically sells around the high side of that category. (translation:  it’s aggressively priced)


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By the Way, who is BenQ?  BenQ is one of Taiwan’s big powerhouse electronic display companies, but the BenQ name only appeared early 2003, prior to that, we all knew the company as ACER.

Benq is trying to gobble up market share in the projector industry, and so far they have been very successful, thanks to several new projectors with excellent performance that have been very aggressively priced.

The PB7200 projector, is one of those, and it earned a Hot Product Award in the 2003-2004 Portable Projector Report, for Performance, in the XGA Microportable category.  At the time of this writing  (Feb 2004), BenQ’s PB7200 dlp projector has been on the market for about 6 months (3/04), and BenQ has offered a free spare lamp mail-in offer since it started shipping.  I can’t guaranty they will continue offering that, but the combination of power, features and price (including the free lamp) definitely make this a good value, for those shopping for dlp or lcd projectors.