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BenQ W1200 - Competitors-2

Posted on June 3, 2011 by Art Feierman

BenQ W1200 vs. BenQ W6000

For your extra $500 or so, you can move up to the W6000 one of my favorite projectors. The W6000 offers a dynamic iris and is that magnitude better on blacks, one of the projectors I refer to to as being ultra high contrast. I don't have a W6000 here, but my money says that it provides better blacks than the W1200 even if you turn off the dynamic iris. From a claims standpoint the W1200 contrast spec is 5000:1, compared to 50,000:1. The W6000 is ISF certified.

The W6000 is also brighter, in both "best" and "brightest" modes. In most cases the W6000 musters 20-35 percent more brightness with comparable color and picture quality. That's not to say that the W6000 picture isn't better - it is. I'm saying comparable modes.

Placement flexibility is also a plus for the W6000, as it offers adjustable lens shfit (vertical and horizontal). If you are rooting for the lower cost W1200, it has a speaker! Let's face it, the W6000 is the step up projector. My own thoughts are that the W6000 is an excellent value, if you can afford the difference, go W6000, you won't be sorry (though you may be broke).

BenQ W1200 vs. Vivitek H1080

Here the W1200 takes on one of the least expensive entry level 1080p home theater projectors. There's a solid $500 difference on the street at this time between the W1200 and the Vivitek H1080. Overall the W1200 has to be considered the better projector for a number of reasons. The question for most will be are you getting enough extra for all that money.

Favoring the Vivitek H1080 FD Projector

Very low price; under $900.
Slightly brighter than the W1200 in both "best" and "brightest" modes

Favoring the BenQ W1200 Projector

More placement flexibility - due to more range of its zoom lens
Sharper image
Slightly better color overall and on skin tones
Better blacks
Less rainbows - for those of us sensitive
Longer rating in terms of lamp life for lower operational cost Both have speakers, a one year warranty, and have other similarities (we liked both remotes). The Vivitek gets you started at a rock bottom price. The BenQ W1200 will deliver more for about half again the price of the Vivitek H1080FD

Optoma HD20 vs. BenQ W1200

In this case the Optoma HD20 one of the most popular home theater projectors of all time, does battle with the BenQ W1200. The sub $1000 HD20 was the first under $1000 1080p projector to ship, and is now in its second year. Like the Vivitek, the HD20 is "entry level" but it's still more good enough to impress first time viewers. No problem. The Optoma has about the same lens offset as the BenQ W1200, but the BenQ has a 1.5:1 zoom vs. 1.2:1 for a good deal more placement flexibility. Color wise, right out of the box, the BenQ is the better of the two.

The HD20 and W1200 are about equally bright in "best" mode but the BenQ has perhaps 200 lumens extra when comparing brightest modes. Both have your standard one year limited warranty, which is typical for lower cost projectors, though a few projectors in the range have much better warranties. The HD20 has the slight edge in lamp life.

When it comes to picture, both calibrate well, though I'll take the W1200. It may be a touch oversaturated but it has a rich look to the picture, that impresses.

The BenQ gives you CFI as well for smooth motion on sports and whatever else you like it on. The frame interpolation offerings are by my taste definitely too severe for watching a movie, if you want any hint of the movie look and feel. I believe I was seeing more rainbows based on what I wrote back then.

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