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BenQ W1200 Projector Calibration and Settings-2

Posted on June 3, 2011 by Art Feierman

BenQ W1200 Post Calibration Grayscale: Standard Mode

Calibrated Color Temp over IRE Range
20 IRE 6619
30 IRE 6486
40 IRE 6513
50 IRE 6558
60 IRE 6457
70 IRE 6479
80 IRE 6474
90 IRE 6453
100 IRE 6499
 Average gamma     2.29

RGB Settings

W1200 Post Calibration settings:

Calibration of best mode:

User 3 with Cinema mode and Normal color temp as starting points.

Gamma is set on 2.2, Brilliant Color On, Color is set to 6

Default settings for Gain is 0, for Offset is -4.

Calibration settings for User 3

Gain     R -3
             G 1
             B -1
Offset   R -5
              G -7
              B -5
Lumen Output at 100 IRE 964 @ 6499

Click to Enlarge. So close.

Mike provided these additional notes, after calibrating the BenQ W1200 projector:

There’s no reason to do a Quick Cal of the brightest mode (User 1) as User 2 has pretty good grayscale with its default settings while delivering only 70 lumens less than User 1.

If you look at the CIE chart, primary colors are pretty good, but the secondary colors are not.  Cyan and yellow are too green and magenta is too blue.  Adjusting Tint just makes it worse, so calibration using the CMS is necessary for good color.  Of course, most people who buy a projector in this price range are not going to have it calibrated.


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