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Posted on February 17, 2021 by Philip Boyle

BenQ X1300i Gaming Projector Review - Summary: Highlights, Pros and Cons


The BENQ X1300i is a 3,000 lumen Full HD (1920 x1200) 4LED DLP laser projector with a rated lamp life of 20,000 in Normal mode.

The X1300i has a staggering dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1. The X1300i delivered a clear picture with the accurate color that exceeds the fantastic color performance I have come to expect from the BenQ of projectors.

The projector’s feature set is focused on Gaming and Home Entertainment, and frankly, it does both of these extremely well.


While there are other smart projectors on the market, the X1300i stands out from the crowd with its focus on elevating the quality of home entertainment content and blowing the doors off of other projectors “game” mode, including some of their own.

With its long lasting, bright 4LED phosphor light source, high contrast ratio, low-maintenance design, and dedicated Gaming and Entertainment sound and video treVolo tuned Bongiovi Audio DPS technology, the X1300i would be a great choice for those of you considering buying an all- around entertainment projector.
The combination of focusing on Gaming and Entertainment, including an excellent implementation of HDR and 3,000 lumens of LED powered brightness, all packaged into an incredibly stylish formfactor for a price of $1299 makes the BenQ an excellent solution for your home entertainment needs and desires.


  • 4LED light source
  • 8ms @120Hz Low Input Lag
  • Sealed light engine
  • Auto color calibration
  • Dynamic Black Technology
  • Improved color gamut
  • 5,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 98% Rec.709 Color Coverage
  • No color wheel 
  • Game Maestro RPG/SPG/FPS Gaming modes 
  • LED 3D experience 
  • Fast Optics F 1.6 ~ 1.75, f = 19.16 ~ 23.02 mm
  • 2x 5W treVolo tuned Stereo System
  • Bongiovi Audio DPS technology
  • Lower operating temperature


  • No Dynamic Iris 
  • No Lens Shift 
  • Limited Zoom Range 
  • Fan Noise
  • No Instant On/Off
  • Slow Switching Inputs & Modes

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