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Boxlight BumbleBee LED/DLP, Palm Portable Projector Review: General Performance

Posted on October 26, 2013 by Art Feierman

Boxlight BumbleBee Projector Menus

While the BumbleBee and Mitsubishi PK20 may be siblings from a hardware standpoint, they have markedly different menu designs.

The Boxlight Bumblebee starts with its Color menu (shown here). The Color menu has the standard goodies - Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, and preset modes (called Brightness modes), as well as color saturation, and where active, Tint.

In addition there is a color temperature control, and separate color controls for Red, Green, and Blue.

The Gamma mode lets you select between Enhanced, PC, Movie, and Photo modes.

The next main menu is the Image menu.

The Image menu provides control for vertical keystone correction, selection of aspect ratios, and Sharpness.

In addition, for locking in a PC signal, there are also Horizontal and Vertical Position controls, and a tracking control.

The Management Menu, lets the user select orientation (Ceiling or table, front or rear projection), provides the option of Source lock (always looks for the last input, or scans all inputs looking for an active one). There is also a lamp hour counter, and the Battery level gauge.

Lastly, the Management Menu offers a Reset control

The last menu we will look at, is labeled the AV Setup menu.

The AV Setup menu primarily relates to utilizing the SD card slot on the BumbleBee.

This menu lets you define a slideshow, including thumbnail previews, auto or manual advance, timer (for showing images), and special effects between images, such as wipes, blinds, dissolves, and so on.

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bumblebee menu color

bumblebeemenu color gamma

bumblebee menu image

bumblebee menu management

bumblebee menu avsetup

Boxlight BumbleBee Projector - Remote Control

The Bumblebee comes with a remote shaped the same as the Mitsubishi PK20's. There is one additional button on the BumbleBee's remote control, and the order of the buttons is slightly different. The additional button, however, relates to keystone correction. The BumbleBee remote has two buttons for controlling keystone correction, whereas the PK20 has one, then you control keystone with the arrow keys.

The remote worked well enough The manual says the range is 16 feet, and I definitely had no problem using it up to that distance, getting a decent bounce off of my screen, when needed.

As you can see, there is a power button on the top left. Next come the four arrow keys in a circle configuration, with a center Enter button.

Additional buttons: The two keystone buttons, Hi-Bright button, Computer, Video, Blank, Still, Aspect ratio, and finally, the Auto (setup) button.

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