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Canon WX6000 Projector - Performance

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Canon WX6000 Projector - Brightness

The WX6000 is rated at 5700 lumens.  While we were unable to achieve that output level in our tests, we still measured 4547 lumens at full wide zoom with the standard lens in Dynamic mode.  Perhaps with a different lens or positioning a higher output might be possible.  Nonetheless, the WX6000 is still very bright and it’s unlikely that you would need more lumens than this projector can provide.  For the rest of our testing, the lens was at mid-zoom, which dropped the output only slightly to 4452 lumens.  Other modes cause the usual drop in lumen output.  Selecting Cinema or Photo/sRGB mode reduces the output to 3957, still very bright and a better balanced option for photo or video presentations.  Standard mode drops down to 3727 lumens and Video mode brings up the rear with 3451 lumens.  If the WX6000 is connected to a PC source, the Dynamic mode is replaced by a Presentation mode (which is identical to Dynamic), Cinema is replaced by a Vivid Photo mode of the same output and Video mode is replaced by the DICOM Sim mode, which is the lowest output mode at 3313 lumens.

Right, the brightest mode (Dynamic mode):

As this projector is all about brightness, there is no Eco lamp mode.

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Canon WX6000 Projector - Audible Noise

As the WX6000 has a single 330 watt lamp to keep cool, fan noise is substantial and the projector is rated at 40 dB.  However, the intended large-venue use of a projector like the WX6000 means that noise is unlikely to be a concern.

Even when used in a smaller venue, it’s unlikely that the noise level of the WX6000 would be objectionable, especially in one of the lower brightness modes.  Bottom line is that for a projector this bright that is intended to be permanently installed away from viewers, the noise level is not an issue.

Canon WX6000 Projector - Wired Networking

The WX6000, with a wired network connection, offers the standard control and notification options.  You get the usual remote monitoring (including email notification) and admin features, as well as control features pretty much equal to those from the remote control.  In addition to web browser-based control, the WX6000 also supports the PJLink network monitoring and control protocol.

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