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Canon WX6000 - Image Quality

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Canon WX6000 Picture Quality

As we’ve come to expect from LCOS projectors, the Canon WX6000 displayed a sharp, clear image with very good color reproduction in any mode, even the brightest.  In the brightest mode, Reds were only slightly darker than the best mode, easily equaling what we’re used to seeing from many projectors in their best modes.  Switching to Cinema mode, the depth of color was improved and would satisfy even the most critical viewer.  Even so, by using the WX6000’s six-axis color management system with proper calibration equipment, the accuracy of each color can be fine tuned to near perfection.

Viewing photos was also quite enjoyable.  Again, the sharp image and strong colors contributed in adding real depth to the images.  With source material like high pixel count photographs; the high resolution and sharpness of the lens made still photos appear quite lifelike.  Look at the Video Quality and Readability sections of this review for more detail regarding picture quality with other sources.  While using the digital inputs (HDMI or DVI) of the WX6000 would be preferred for high definition sources, the picture quality was not adversely affected when using the typical analog PC input.

Regardless of the source, the WX6000 displayed a sharp, colorful image that its single chip DLP competition would find tough to match, at least in their brightest modes.  Also, with LCOS, like LCD, there is none of the rainbow effect that can often be distracting with DLP projectors.

Canon WX6000 Picture Quality Slideshow

Cinema Mode

Dynamic Mode

Video Mode

Video Mode

Canon WX6000 Projector: Readability

I connected my laptop via HDMI and set it to display at the WX6000’s native resolution (1440 X 900).  The resulting image was excellent, very sharp and clean, with no edge artifacts.  This is due, in no small part, to the lens quality.  Small (8 pt.) text was sharp and easily readable on a 70” diagonal projected image.  This was true of white text-on-black and yellow text-on-dark blue backgrounds as well.

Switching to UXGA (1600 x 1200) and XGA (1024 x 768) resolutions to test the WX6000’s video processing, there was no drop-off in image sharpness (not that I was expecting any).  Likewise, increasing the resolution to 1080P (1920 x 1080) did not result in any color bleeding or overlap.    Convergence issues are virtually non-existent about and the image remains sharp with any color combination.   Basically, this projector will be readable at virtually any text size, color or resolution you can throw at it.

Finally, switching from HDMI to an analog input did not noticeably affect image sharpness.

Canon WX6000 Projector Readability Slideshow



Native Resolution

Canon WX6000 Projector: Video Performance

While it’s limited in its ability to display blacks (as its low 1000:1 contrast ratio would attest), its dynamic gamma feature did keep scenes from containing crushed whites or blacks.  However, this is not a projector that one would use for extensive movie viewing, nor was it designed for that purpose.

While black levels were lacking with the WX6000, video quality was excellent.  With its standard lens and being fed by an Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray player, the WX6000 displayed a depth of image that was very good, really creating the detail you look for with high definition sources (see video photo).
Where the WX6000 really shines is in a room with a fair amount of ambient light, as the high brightness and ability to adjust the image to the ambient light level and type really makes for a viewable video image.

Video performance over an analog connection from a laptop was also quite good, though lacking (understandably) the depth of image of a Blu-ray disk over HDMI.  As the WX6000 is clearly designed for out-of-the-way installation in a large venue, it has no built-in speaker or even an audio pass through.  An external speaker system is required for presentations with sound.

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