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Casio XJ-A257 Portable Laser Projector Review – Performance

Casio XJ-A257 Portable Laser Projector Review – Performance: Brightness, Contrast, Audible Noise


Color Mode Lumens
ECO Off Bright 1575
ECO Off 1225
Standard 1243
Graphic 1035
Theater 1002
Game 1118
Blackboard 836

The Casio XJ-A257 Portable Laser Projector claims 3,000 lumens, but it didn’t even come close.  Granted, most projectors will measure up to 25% below their claim, though the Casio measured just above 50% of its claim.  It gets to its brightest measurement, 1,575 lumens, by turning ECO off and switching on Bright; this is that ugly green mode we talked about on the Picture Quality page.  ECO Off Bright does add a noticeable boost in brightness over our next brightest mode, Standard, which measured 1,243 lumens.

Right behind Standard (ECO On), is ECO Off, coming in at 1,225 lumens.  Game mode is the next brightest mode measuring in at 1,118, followed by Graphic mode which is 1,035 lumens.  The next mode, Theater, is the projector’s best mode for color, and measures in at 1,002 lumens.  Though not even close to claim, 1,002 lumens is enough to handle some moderate ambient light.  Standard mode is likely the best suited for presentations, but if your applications require good color, Theater mode is your best bet.  The final mode is Blackboard, which measures in at 836 lumens.


The contrast ratio for the Casio XJ-A257 Portable Laser Projector is advertised at 1,800:1.  Contrast ratios are not something we are able to measure, so what we’re really concerned with is the projector’s performance in terms of black levels.  Blacks are more of a dark gray, but are still recognizable as black.  The black level performance is on par with an entry-level home entertainment projector – not great, but good enough.  You will find them suitable for your business and education needs.  The photo below gives you a good idea of what to expect.

Casio XJ-A257 Portable Laser Projector Contrast Demonstration

Audible Noise

The Casio XJ-A257 Portable Laser Projector operates with a range of audible noise dependent upon whether the projector is in ECO mode or not, and if in ECO mode, which level of ECO mode (there are five!)  On the highest level of ECO mode, where the least amount of power is consumed, the fan noise is barely discernible.  When at full power, the fans run at noticeable level which could prove distracting in an otherwise quiet environment.

That concludes our discussion on the performance of the Casio XJ-A257 Portable Laser Projector.  Next up is our final page, where I will summarize this review and touch on the pros and cons of this projector.  See you on the summary page!