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Casio XJ-S400UN Projector Review – Special Features

Casio XJ-S400UN Projector Review – Special Features: Educational Solutions, C-Assist App, New R-Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source, Excellent Warranty

Educational Solutions

Casio created the XJ-S400UN with educators and presenters in mind. Quick Projection and Auto Input search make starting class and beginning presentations an easy, fast experience. The projector turns on and immediately begins searching for the correct input, which saves the teacher or presenter time looking for the input.

The projector features wireless capabilities such as PC Remote and Moderator Function, which allows teachers to project content from a PC. That can be the teacher’s own computer, or a student’s computer within the classroom. Up to 40 PCs can be connected simultaneously, and 4 PCs can be projected at the same time, which is excellent for class projects where multiple students were involved.

C-Assist App

Casio XJ-S400UN YW-40 Wireless Adapter

Casio has a free app for iOS/Android that allows smart phones and tablets to wirelessly connect to the projector. With C-Assist, you can interact, display, and control the XJ-S400UN via your iOS or Android device. This wireless feature requires the optional YW-40 Wireless USB Dongle. From the C-Assist home screen, you have five options to choose from: File, Camera, Internet, PC Operation, and Setup.

File allows pictures, slideshows, and presentations in PDF format to be projected from the device, with the ability to annotate. Camera allows you to use your front or rear facing camera to live stream or take photos and save them. Internet allows access to content online through a browser or app when connected to WiFi. PC Operation allows PC control from a tablet using C-Assist and Network Connection Software. And finally, Setup, allows access to draw tool settings, projector connection and projector operation settings.

New R-Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source

The XJ-S400UN is part of Casio’s new Superior Series, and features Casio’s next-generation R-Laser & LED Light Source. This is the main element that justifies Casio’s premium price for the XJ-S400UN. With a 20,000 light engine life claim, it more than delivers on the price, as that claim translates to about 18 years of use when running the projector for six hours a day in a typical 180-day school year.

Casio XJ-S400UN Hybrid Laser/LED Light Engine Diagram

Another bonus to this design is the fact that the projector needs no filters, which cuts down on maintenance costs. This is particularly useful in spaces where there may be a lot of dust. It is also useful in schools where, on a lamp based projector, filters would need to be changed out on multiple projectors, resulting in costly maintenance calls. No lamps + no filters = virtually no maintenance!

Excellent Warranty

The Casio XJ-S400UN features one of the best warranties around: a three year parts and labor warranty, with three year or 6,000 hours on the light source – whichever comes first. Many projectors for business and education applications come with a one year limited warranty, or a two year warranty. Three years is quite excellent, and one of the best for projectors of this price point. Some higher end commercial projectors come with up to five years.

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