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Casio XJ-S400UN Projector Review – Hardware

Casio XJ-S400UN Projector Review – Hardware: Overview, Inputs and Connectors, The Lens


The Casio XJ-S400UN is a WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution business and education projector with a hybrid laser/LED light engine. It is highly compact at just 13.2 inches wide, 14 inches deep, and 4.9 inches tall, and weighing in at just 13 lbs.

This makes it portable enough to move between elementary school classrooms, where teachers may be sharing a single projector, or in office environments that require the projector to be moved from conference room to conference room.

The front of the Casio XJ-S400UN is home to the lens, which is offset to the far right and recessed, an IR sensor for the remote control, and an adjustable foot to raise the height of the XJ-S400UN if sitting on a table top.

The left side of the projector has the cool air intake vents, while the right has the hot air exhaust vents. Also on the right, we have the manual lens controls for focus and zoom. The top of the projector has the control panel, and the back has all of the inputs and connectors, which I’ll go into detail about in the next section.

Inputs and Connectors


The Casio XJ-S400UN has excellent connectivity – all of the inputs and connectors you’ll need for your business or education applications. Starting at the left, we have two stacked VGA connectors, both for Computer In.

Next to Computer 1, we have the Monitor Out VGA connector, followed by a pair of HDMIs. Below those inputs, there’s an Audio In port and an Audio Out port, with a Mic input to their right.

Underneath those audio ports is a second Audio In, along with the old-school composite video ports. Moving back up to HDMI 2, there is a Mini-USB jack labeled “LOGO.” Beneath that is the RS232c connector for old-school command and control, using Crestron RoomView.

Between that and the final inputs lies an IR sensor for the remote control, and the final connectors are two USB Type-A ports stacked on top of the wired LAN connector. All in all, I found this projector to be very well equipped to handle the demands of business and education environments.

Interactive Module and Pens

The Casio XJ-S400UN has a generous 1.70:1 zoom lens, and can project a 100” image from just 9.2 feet back, or 15.4 feet back, depending on the zoom range. This projector would be well suited for a large venue environment such as a lecture hall, as it can project an image large enough to fill a 25-foot screen. Keep in mind, however, that the larger the image, the less lumens across the board. I have provided a lens throw chart below for your convenience.


The lens is offset to the right side of the projector, and recessed in the corner to give the XJ-S400UN its unique look. The 1.70:1 zoom lens is manual, with its manual lens controls for focus and zoom located on the right side of the projector (when facing the lens) and are easy to maneuver. I would have liked to see lens shift on a projector of this price, but it’s not super necessary – just would’ve been a nice touch.

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