Elite MosicGO 360 Portable Cinema System Review - Hardware

Posted on December 15, 2020 by Phil Jones

Elite MosicGO Portable Cinema Review – Hardware: Control Panel, Inputs and Connections, Lens, Remote Control, Menus


The MosicGO is a compact ultra-short-throw projector especially considering it can produce 1,000 ANSI lumens of brightness. Focus by turning the rings located on top of the projector directly behind the lens. The control panel for the MosicGO is also located on top of the unit.

When facing the unit, on the right side of the chassis is the headphone jack, two HDMI Inputs, the USB Type C Display Port input, along with the main power button, DC power input, and a 12V trigger. On the left side is a USB-C and two USB-A inputs, which can be used to power a streaming dongle or charge a mobile device. The USB-C is even powerful enough to charge a Macbook. There are also speakers and ventilation vents on both sides of the unit.

Dimensions are about: 6.6” wide x 3.7” high x 12.6” deep, and the MosicGO Sport weighs about 6.2 lbs. while the battery-less MosicGO Lite weighs just 4.9 lbs. When packed up, the MosicGO Sport with an included tripod and the 58” portable screen weighs a total of 25.3 pounds.



The MosicGO’s main control panel is located on the top of the projector. Whether the projector is placed on a table, tripod, or ceiling mounted, the control panel will be easily accessible. When the projector is facing the screen, the main power button is located on the right side of the projector, while the Wireless Speaker ON/OFF and Projector ON/OFF are located on the front of the unit.


USB Type C Display Port1
USB Type C/ DC 5V1
USB Type A /DC 5V2
Audio Out (Mini Jack)1

The AC power and signal connectors are located on the right side of the projector. In addition to the two HDMI inputs, the MosicGO also has a USB Type C Display Port input which can be used to connect to a compatible laptop of mobile devices.


The MosicGO projector’s lens has a manual ring located on the top of the chassis above the lens under a cover. The MosicGO has a fixed zoom lens with a 0.3:1 throw ratio.  To fill the included 58” portable screen, the projector was less than just 4 inches away from screen.

Screen Size (Diagonal)Distance from the projector’s front edge to screen (in)Distance From bottom of the projector’s lower edge the screen (in)
60”3.82 (970 mm)9.41 (2290 mm)
70”6.42 (1630 mm)10.75 (2730 mm)
80”9.17 (2330 mm)11.89 (3020 mm)
90”11.97 (3040 mm)13.35 (3390 mm)
100”14.53(3690 mm)14.37 (3650 mm)


The MosicGO includes a simple remote control with no backlight. There are separate power buttons for the Bluetooth wireless speaker ON/OFF and Projector ON/OFF. In addition to the common buttons used to navigate the menu, the remote also includes buttons to directly access the two HDMI inputs and the USB Type C Display Port.


The MosicGO has a simple and easy-to-use setting menu system. The photos below show the six menus, which gives access to several of the basic functions you may need during day to day operation. The menus are navigated using the left/right arrows and OK buttons. The Up/Down arrows are just used to adjust the amount of digital keystone correction.

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