Elite MosicGO 360 Portable Cinema System Review - Special Features

Posted on December 15, 2020 by Phil Jones

Elite MosicGO Portable Cinema Review – Special Features: Portable Projection System, Integrated Battery Bank, Bluetooth Connectivity, Low Lag Gaming, Excellent Warranty


The Elite MosicGO MGFU-S comes with not only the ultra-short-throw projector, but an adjustable tripod to mount it on, and a projector screen. This makes it an all-in-one solution for outdoor entertainment. The projector, tripod, and screen can be neatly packed into two carrying cases, which were clearly designed with portability in mind. When packed up, the MosicGO Sport with included tripod and the 58” portable screen weigh a total of just 25.3 pounds.

Both the MosicGO and MosicGO 360 systems included a 58 inch 16:9 screen for portable usage. The projection screen is an Elite Screens’ Yard Master 2 Projector Screen (OMS58H2) with black masking borders to enhance picture contrast. The screen, which is fitted with CineWhite®, can be quickly assembled in less than 5 minutes with no hand tools.  First, unfold the light-weight square aluminum tube frame. Then stretch and snap the screen material to the frame. Lastly, slide the legs into the bottom of the frame.


If you are looking solely for a portable projection system or a system that can be use both at home and on the go, Elite has you covered. The wide variety of screen sizes and screen materials make it easy to find the right solution for your application.

The fixed screen included with each Mosic GO 360 model is high quality, so you can continue to use it even if you step up to a higher-end dedicated home theater projector. In fact, I use an Elite Screen CineWhite® UHD as one of my reference screens in my lab/office.

CineWhite® UHD-B (Tensioned Matte White) accurate in color and contrast in environments with controlled lighting is a 1.3 gain screen material that is ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) certified for accurate color reproduction. It is black-backed, which eliminates light penetration for enhanced brightness and color saturation to prevent picture degradation. It has wide diffusion uniformity uniform brightness levels at viewing angles up to 180°. This material's versatile properties mean it can be utilized with both standard and ultra-short throw 4K projectors.

I choose this material for one of my reference screens in my office because I review various projectors, and I needed a screen that would work with both traditional and ultra-short-throw projectors. Below are a couple of images of the MosicGO Sport projecting on my 100" screen, along with few images of a higher-end UST projector and a traditional projector.

The CLR® 2 was developed for table-top short throw and ultra-short throw projectors to improve color saturation and black levels under ambient light conditions. The screen material was specially designed using optical microstructures to absorb or “reject” up to 65% of overhead lighting. This results in up to 50 times the contrast of standard matte white in a room with ambient light. Even though it goes a great job rejecting the ceiling it still delivers a 120° viewing angle (60° L/R) for uniform bright and accurate color at all the viewing positions. The CLR® 2 material has a scratch-resistant laminate coating so it can be utilized s a dry-erase “whiteboard”. Due to its accurate color reproduction, this material is also ISF Certified. In fact my reference whiteboard is equipped with CLR® 2 screen material.

The CLR®3 is a front projection screen material designed specifically for ultra-short throw projectors with the goal of rejecting the maximum amount of ambient light to eliminate prevent room lighting from washing out the projected image. The Micro-serriform optical structure filters out ceiling light “rejects” up to 80% of overhead lighting. Up to 75 times the contrast of standard matte white in a room with ambient light and an ultra-wide viewing angle of 170° (85° L/R) make it a great option in a room with lots of ambient light.

As I mentioned earlier, I have a CineWhite UHD and a CLR2 screen, which I use for reviews, but I didn't have a CLR3 screen. I was about to wrap up my review when Jaime for Elite shipped me a 103" Aeon CLR3 screen, which one of the options available in their MosicGO 360 package.

I taped a piece of CineWhite material on the CLR3 screen to compare the image difference in various light conditions. You can see from the photos above that the CLR3 material does an excellent job rejecting ambient ceiling light. In a brighter room, the difference was dramatic but there was also an improvement in black level even in a darker room as well. The Aeon CLR 3 was well built and offered excellent color reproduction so it would be a good solution for a high-end ultra-short projector like an LG HU85LA which doesn't ship with a screen.


The difference that the MosicGo Sport has a built-in battery while the MosicGO Lite does not. The MosicGO Sport systems cost $300 more than the Lite series but integrate 37,200mAh Power Bank is worth it for the enhanced portability. Since it has an internal battery, so you can set up this projector virtually anywhere that has solid ground.

The battery is rated to last up to 3 hours when projecting video, and up to 30 hours when using the projector to play music. You can get one good movie in, or hours of video games, before needing to charge the projector. The battery can also be used to charge a laptop or cellphone via the projector’s USB-C / USB-A port.

I connected the MosicGo Sport projector to my laptop via HDMI and the battery lasted well over 3 hours. The battery also lasted over 3 hours while powering an Amazon FireTV stick via USB that I was using to watch a football game via HULU TV outside on my deck.


The Elite MosicGo MGFU-S has built-in 8-watt stereo speakers with Bluetooth connectivity. That means you can connect your phone, tablet, or computer to the projector via Bluetooth and play hours of music or audiobooks using the projector as a speaker. The battery can handle up to 30 hours of audio playback before it needs to charge.

While the audio quality isn't as good as a similar-sized dedicated Bluetooth speaker, it played louder than most projectors, except for larger ultra-short throw-Laser TV models.


The Elite MosicGo MGFU-S is great for gaming, with a low input lag of just 17ms. I used my Bodnar lag tester to verify Elite Projectors claim and I actually measured a slightly lower 16.8ms.  Input lag refers to the amount of time, measured in milliseconds, that it takes for a signal from your source (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc.) to travel to the projector and end up on your screen.

With projectors, most TVs, and many monitors, there is some level of delay. We have a scale of input lag speeds ranging from acceptable, to excellent.

Acceptable: 41ms to 50ms
Good: 33ms to 40ms
Great: 21ms to 32ms
16ms to 20ms

The very low input lag, combined with the projector's 1080 resolution and ultra-short throw design, makes the MosicGo ideal for gaming on the go.


Since the MosicGO was designed for portable use it built for durability. The Elite MosicGo MGFU-S is IPX2 rated for great dust and moisture protection. The LED life source and DLP imager also enhances the projectors reliability so Elite includes an excellent warranty. There's a 1-year manufacturer's warranty on the projector, and 2-year or 3-year manufacturer's warranty on the projector screen. If there are any defects on the projector or screen, they'll likely present themselves within those windows and you'll be fully covered under warranty.

What makes the warranty truly excellent is the promise of lifetime tech support by Elite's Professional Service Team. Knowing that you can contact them for any tech-related issues, any time, for the rest of your life, provides real peace of mind.

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