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Elite MosicGO 360 Portable Cinema Systems Review- Summary

Elite MosicGO Portable Cinema Review – Summary: Highlights, Value Proposition, Pros and Cons


Elite Projector designed the original MosicGO systems to be a complete portable projection system. Both the projector and portable screens are well thought out and work well to together. Everything comes neatly packed in two carrying bags. Setting and breaking down projector and portable screen can be easily be done in less than 10 minutes.

The MosicGo systems all include a 1,000 lumen Full HD (1,920 x1,200) ultra-short throw DLP projector with an Osram LED light source rated for up to 25,000 hours. The MosicGO Sport series projector includes a built-in integrated 37200mAh battery while the MosicGO Lite version, which retail for $300 less, does not. Since the projector is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, for moisture and dust resistance, it is IPX2 rated.

The newly introduced MosicGO 360 systems add a second fixed screen for your home to further increase those package’s flexibility. By combining the MosicGO Sport and MosicGO Lite with a variety of portable and fixed screens, Elite has 24 different system options to choose from.

MosicGO Sport (with integrated 37200mAh battery)

Model Number Screen Size SRP
MGFU-S 58” $1299
MGFU-S75 75” $1324
MGFU-S90 90 $1349
MGFU-S100 100 $1374
MGFU-S110 110 $1399
MGFU-S120 120 $1424

MosicGO Lite

Model Number Screen Size SRP
MGFU-SL 58” $999
MGFU-L75 75” $1024
MGFU-L90 90 $1049
MGFU-L100 100 $1074
MGFU-L110 110 $1099
MGFU-L120 120 $1124

MosicGO Sport 360 (with integrated 37200mAh battery)

Model Number Portable Screen Screen Size Screen Material SRP
MGS-AR100W 58” 100” CineWhite $1673.00
MGS-AR110W 58” 110” CineWhite $1713
MGS-AR120W 58” 120” CineWhite $1733
MGS-AR103C2 58” 103” CLR 2 $1933
MGS-AR103C3 58” 103” CLR 3 $2033
MGS-AR123C3 58” 123 CLR 3 $2433

MosicGO Lite 360

Model Number Portable Screen Screen Size Screen Material SRP
MLS-AR100W 58” 100” CineWhite $1373
MGL-AR110W 58” 110” CineWhite $1413
MGL-AR120W 58” 120” CineWhite $1433
MGL-AR103C2 58” 103” CLR 2 $1633
MGL-AR103C3 58” 103” CLR 3 $1733
MGL-AR123C3 58” 123 CLR 3 $2133


MosicGO projector delivers a bright image along with nearly maintenance free operation due to it LED light source. The combination of Full HD resolution, LED light engine and 1,000 lumens of brightness make MosicGO system an excellent solution for portable and daily use.

MosicGO systems are available with a variety of portable and fixed screens at a starting price of less $1,000. The MosicGO 360 Sport system are great value for someone looking for maximum portability as well as a compact UST projector for day-to-day use in their home.

Elite Projectors markets the MosicGO as a four-season projector. Take it camping during the summer and spring to watch movies by the campfire and in fall and winter kick back at home on the couch watching football games on a massive screen.

There are lots of portable projectors and screens available, but when combined the performance of these systems varies widely. The fact that the MosicGO 360 system includes a good projector matched with an excellent screen or screens all one price tag makes this projection system unique, which is why we awarded the MosicGO 360 system a Projector Reviews Special Interest Award.


  • Includes one or two high-quality screens
  • 1,000 ANSI lumens
  • OSRAM LED Light Engine rated of 25,000 hours
  • Full HD (1,080 x1,920) DLP
  • Low Game Lag 17ms
  • Built-in Battery Pack (MosicGO Sport Projectors)
  • Good Audio Quality with Bluetooth
  • Flexibility Connectivity (HDMI, USB-A, and USB-C)
  • IPX2 Moisture and Dust resistant
  • Accepts 4K signal
  • Includes Carrying cases (projector and 58″ screen)


  • Stand for the portable 58” is too low 
  • No built-in streaming services