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Elite Screens Yard Master Tab-Tension Wireless Screen Review

Posted on August 10, 2023 by Phil Jones

Guest Contributor: Nick Murrells

Elite Screen Yard Master Tab-Tension Wireless Series

The Elite Screen Yard Master Tab-Tension Wireless Series is a battery-operated outdoor projection screen. Currently, Elite Screen offers a 125-inch model that retails for $1839. The screen is a tab-tension design that is IPX3 rated for water protection, making it ideal for backyards, patios, pool decks, and recreation room installations. 

Elite Screens is a leading screen manufacturer offering professional and consumer applications solutions. Outdoor Theaters are growing in popularity, and Elite Screens offers several screen options. About a year ago, we reviewed the Elite Screens Yard Master 2, which is a folding-frame, outdoor projection screen. This screen offers maximum portability and excellent build quality and delivers good picture quality at an affordable price. 

For customers looking for a permanently mounted screen solution, Elite Screens makes several weather-resistant retractable screens rated for outdoor applications. These screens can be mounted on the wall in the backyard or hung from a pergola. When not in use, it can be retracted so it is out of view. Elite Screen retractable models can be retracted manually or motorized.

Check out our video review of the Yard Master Tab Tension Wireless Series


Elite Screens is currently shipping Yard Master Tab-Tension Motorized Wireless in one size: a 125-inch 16x9 front projection model, and the screen material is CineWhite. The matte white screen material has a 1.1 Gain, and it is ISF Certified for accurate color reproduction.

This unique screen boasts two significant features that provide the ultimate flexibility of location.  It has a weatherproof rating of IPX-3 and it’s battery operated.  The tab-tension design provides uniform tension on all sides for a flat and taut projection surface.

Yard Master Tab-Tension Motorized Wireless screen is battery powered which eliminates the hassle of running power

When installing a motorized screen one of the biggest challenges is running power to the unit. The Yard Master Tab-Tension Wireless has a built-in rechargeable Li-on battery that can last up to 200 cycles on a single charge which s greatly simplifies installation. Indoors or outdoors, power outlet handy or not, the Yard Master is ready for your 125” projection screen needs.

Since this screen is designed for use in backyards, patios, pool decks, and recreation rooms, the screen system it IPX3 rated for water protection. Of course for maximum weather resistance, make sure that the screen is retracted when not in use.  

Adding to the flexibility, this screen can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or suspended with the pre-installed D-rings. Since the remote control is RF (Radio Frequency) it doesn't have to be pointed directly at the screen to operate it. 

The Yard Master Tab-Tension Wireless is simple to install and well-built. If you desire a retractable outdoor screen that offers the convenience of battery operation, give the Yard Master Tab-Tension Wireless some serious consideration.


The Yard Master Tab-Tension Motorized Wireless screen ships in a single long box. The unit was shipped via freight and arrived at Philip Jones's house in perfect condition.  I picked up the screen from his home and set it up in my backyard. Considering the box weighs about 55 pounds and is 126.5" x 7" x 6" in size, you will need a truck, van, or large SU to move the unit from one location to another. 

The screen weighs 45 pounds so it is not that heavy, but you will want to ask someone to help you with repositioning and mounting. Don’t overlook the cube-shaped box when unpacking, which contains the remote, mounting hardware, and battery charger.

The build quality and materials were both terrific. The sheet metal housing is finished in a textured scratch-resistant coating and seems tough. This screen will be inconspicuous when mounted & retracted with its simple shape and off-white color.

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There isn’t really any assembly to be done, but take note to remove small pieces of packing foam used as transport protection at each side of the bottom of the screen.  Red stickers draw your attention to this task.

I mounted the screen on the side of my deck, and there are 2 pre-made holes at each end for this purpose. The top ones are keyhole style so you can use those for the initial mounting step and then secure it with the lower screws.  Stainless screws are sensibly included since this model is intended for outdoor use.  You can use the same holes for ceiling mount.  A D-ring is preinstalled at each end to suspend the screen if desired.

Wherever you choose to mount this screen, be sure you can safely reach the DC power jack on the end with the buttons for recharging after 200 or so operations.  The screen itself does not have a battery gauge.  The charging brick has a single LED that turns green when charging is complete.  The battery was fully discharged, and the instructions recommend fully charging before use.

There are four commercial-grade buttons on the left side of the screen. There are three momentary buttons for up, down & stop.  The 4th button latches for power on/off.  It could be handy to power off the screen to extend battery life and/or prevent accidental deployment when not in use.

The included RF remote has a premium glossy appearance and was ready to go out of the box with pre-installed batteries, not even any pull tab.  There are three buttons for up, down, and stop.  The remote is not backlit but nicely scalloped buttons make it easy to use in the dark and there is a single blue LED that lights on any button push.

There is no 12V Trigger, IR receiver, serial or Ethernet ports – which makes sense for a battery-operated model.


Elite-YardMaster-Wireless-specs - Projector Reviews Images

The Yard Master Wireless Tab-tension is equipped with CineWhite screen material which is matte white and 1.1 gain. This screen material is compatible with Standard, Short, and Ultra-Short Throw Projectors. The CineWhite material offers wide dispersion, excellent screen uniformity, and accurate color reproduction, making it the most versatile in Elite's tension screen product lines.

The CineWhite screen is designed to maintain image quality when viewed off-access, which ensures people viewing the image for an extreme angle can still enjoy a good image. The CineWhite screen has a black backing designed to eliminate unwanted light penetration from the rear. Since the screen has a black backing, the Yard Master can not be used is a rear projection system. 

I used the Yard Master Wireless screen with a couple of standard throw projectors, including a 700 Lumen Wemax Dice and a JMGO N1 Ultra, which has a rated brightness of 4000 lumens. While many portable projectors are theoretically compatible with 125" screens, to ensure colors look vibrant outdoors, we recommend you utilize a projector capable of delivering at least 600 ANSI lumens of brightness.  

Since the screen is matte white, I did most of our testing well after sunset.  Images were smooth and detailed.  I tried some 4K test videos, which were downscaled for the 1080p projector.  The detail and resolution were still outstanding. Textures such as water beads on flower petals popped with beautiful depth.

Elite-YardMaster-Wireless-CineWhite - Projector Reviews Images
CineWhite screen is compatible with standard, short, and ultra-short throw projectors

The tab-tensioning system ensures that the screen surface remains perfectly flat, providing optimal image quality and eliminating any distortions or waves that can occur with non-tensioned screens. However, even a gentle breeze outside set this 125” screen swinging.  I imagine windy conditions would force an end to the show and roll up of the screen for safety. This is not the product's fault but something to consider when using a retractable screen in an outdoor installation.

The CineWhite si a mildew-resistant, multi-layer PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) material with texture and surface coating that can be easily cleaned with water and a moist cotton cloth. 


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Yard Master Tab-Tension Wireless Series is the best outdoor retractable screen offered by Elite Screens

This screen is ideal for many locations and uses: backyard theater, restaurant patio, indoor or outdoor trade show, conference.  You might find it’s worth the extra investment when you consider the performance & how much more you can use this screen compared to other options because of the convenience of battery power and readiness for the outdoors.  It is easy to relocate the same screen for different applications and deployment is as simple as the push of a button on the included RF remote.

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Yard Master Tab-Tension Wireless Series delivered outstanding picture quality

Elite screens offer several outdoor retractable screens, and the Yard Master Tab-Tension Wireless is their premium model.

For customers looking for a permanently mounted screen solution, Elite Screens makes several weather-resistant retractable screens rated for outdoor applications. These screens can be mounted on the wall in the backyard or hung from a pergola. When not in use, it can be retracted so it is out of view. Elite Screen retractable models can be retracted manually or motorized.

During this year's Projection Summit, we actually interviewed Jaime Abrego from Elite Screens about several notable new screen systems including three retractable screens. Check out the Elite Screen interview below.

Check out the Elite Screens session from the 2023 Projection Summit

Jaime talked a lot about the Yard Master Wireless Tab-Tension, which is a weather-resistant motorized screen with a built-in battery that can power the screen up/down for several months between charges.

Since motorized screens need to be weather-resistant, they are more expensive than other outdoor screens. After spending time with the Yard Master Tab-Tension Wireless screen, we believe its build quality, convenience, and picture quality make it worth its premium price

Yes, there are less expensive, retractable outdoor screens on the market, but the fit and finish of Yard Master Tab-Tension Wireless are just one of the reasons why it deserves its premium price. Features like battery power and RF remote control simplify installation and operation. At the same time, the high-quality tab-tensioned ISF-certified CineWhite screen material maximizes picture quality.

Want to watch a movie or Monday Night Football? All you have to do is grab your projector, lower the screen, and be ready to watch a movie or sporting event in just a few minutes. Living in Southern California has its perks, including the availability to utilize an outdoor theater all year round. Even during an occasional rainstorm, the ability to retract the screen ensures that it stays protected when not in use. Even in areas with harsher seasons, you can probably leave the Yard Master Tab-Tension Wireless setup for several months and store it away for the winter.

The Yard Master Tab-tension Wireless is an interesting and impressive higher-end option in the growing lineup from Elite Screens. It is highly recommended.

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