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Elmo BOXi T-200 Pocket Projector - Hardware Tour

Posted on January 6, 2014 by Art Feierman
BOXi T-200 POCKET PROJECTOR:  The Hardare Tour

Basic T-200 Projector Hardware

The T-200 pocket projector comes with a very short throw fixed lens.   That is to say, there's no zoom function.  It sits very nicely close to your screen or wall.  In other words, people will be sitting behind the projector, no one is likely to pass in between projector and screen to cast a shadow.

Controls and inputs are located on the sides of the T-200.

The Control Panel itself is located on the top, and illuminated by bright blue LED lights.  Closer to the front is the top facing speaker.  The LED lights can be turned off from the menu, when using the projector (because they really are bright)!

If you are looking at this Elmo pocket projector from the front, it would be the right side that houses the dial for focusing the lens.  Also on that side, is a Kensington lock for security, and a "service port" (not for end users).  Also, you can see the fan behind the grating.  On the opposite side you'll find the inputs and outputs.

The infra-red (IR) sensor is located on the top back (since the projector sits close to the screen, you really don't need a sensor in the front).

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T-200 Control Panel

The control panel is nicely spaced and located on the top.  The controls are touch types.

There are two rows of "buttons".   Looking from the back (as the buttons were meant to be controlled from), the top row (closest to the front) starts on the left with the Power button.  Moving to the right are direct access buttons to bring up the Audio menu (volume) and Keystone correction adjustment.  On the far right is the main Menu button.

Consider the second row to be navigation.  That row consists of a left arrow, and Enter button and then a right button.

It's all very straightforward, and works well.

I do have one complaint though, the menus themselves are all icons, and not all of them are intuitive.  Until I was able to lay my hands on a manual, we were stumped over here, as to what three of those icons are.  I'll cover all of them as part of the Menus section on the next page.

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Inputs And Outputs

On the left side (looking from the front are the various jacks.

Starting from the rear, is the 12 volt power input, and also a USB jack with 5 volt output.   Per the manual, it can support up to 2 amp.  2 Amp, 5 volt is exactly what you need to be able to charge up an iPad.

Moving toward the front is an mini jack for audio out.  There's good news, and bad.

The good, of course is you can hook up an external audio system, headphone or single speaker.  The bad news, though, is that if you do plug anything into the audio out, it turns off the internal 1 watt speaker.  My objection to this (one I have for many home entertainment projectors and other pocket and pico projectors), is that it makes it impractical to hook up a small powered subwoofer.  After all, just a subwoofer, having no regular speakers doesn't work well.

That leaves only one other input:  An HDMI input.  I don't think I've ever seen a pico or pocket projector with only HDMI for an input, however you can input computer signals and video signals through HDMI.

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Bottom of the T-200

The bottom of Elmo's T-200 pocket projector has two things of note.  first of all, there is a fold away front foot.

Actually, there are two one on top of the other.  One of them when folded out (the small one) gives the projector a 5 degree upward tilt, and the other, a 10% tilt.

For some owners, equally important is the standard tripod screw on the bottom.

The tripod screw thread will allow the BOXi projector to work with both large tripods and even the very small ones associated with point and shoot digital cameras.  Very, very, handy!

Bottom of the Elmo BOXi T-200 pocket projector, with tripod screw, feet, and serial number.

Bottom of the Elmo BOXi T-200 pocket projector, with tripod screw, feet, and serial number.

There are four "flat" rubber feet for when the fold out foot is not in use. The rear two keep the projector itself off the surface when using either of the fold out foot options.


BOXi T-200 shown with fold out foot in use, to tilt the projector 10 degrees upward in the front

And that folks pretty much covers the hardware!

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