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Epson EX7240 Pro Portable Projector Review - Warranty

Posted on December 7, 2015 by Art Feierman
The Epson EX7240 Pro has a 1 year parts and labor warranty for the projector itself while the lamp carries a 90 day warranty.   Epson offers, at extra cost, extended service plans for those that desire coverage beyond the standard 1 year warranty.

Epson Road Service Program

Replacement programs associated with warranties are the fastest and usually the easiest way to get back up and running if a projector has a issue while still under warranty.  The Epson Road Service replacement program ships out a replacement projector the next business day, if you don’t call in too late in the afternoon.  That’s fast!  Epson pays the shipping fees for your replacement and to return your original projector with the issue.

Bottom Line on this Epson projector’s warranty:  Overall, the warranty and support program has to be considered well above average but is limited to the included 1 year duration.

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