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Epson Home Cinema 3010 Home Theater Projector Review-3

Posted on October 7, 2013 by Art Feierman

Home Cinema 3010 Frame Interpolation - FI - smooth motion

The Home Cinema 3010 has simple 2:2 frame interpolation. That will run your 24 fps movie at 48, which helps some folks out, with a type of motion smoothing , that doesn't impact most folks. What people find these days on higher end projectors is typically CFI, where a unique frame is created between each two regular ones (or sometimes 3 frames between each pair)...

Those creatively interpolated frames definitely smooth out sports and other fast motion a bit and can improve panning as well.

So, this Epson only has the basic 2:2 pull-down, not CFI. Mind you the Epson Home Cinema 8350, Mitsubishi HC4000 and other popular projectors around the price range all lack CFI. It's a feature typically starting on slightly more expensive projectors, right around $2000.

USB Slideshow

You can connect a USB device to the Home Cinema 3010, and the internal software of the Epson projector will let you run screen shows. There are controls and special effects. This is easy if your projector is on a table top, but you'll have to run a USB extension cable (obviously) if your projector is ceiling mounted, unless you are really tall, or your ceiling's low..

Home Cinema 3010 Audio

A pair of 10 watt speakers cranks out some very healthy volume. Just fine for TV, sports and movies, and games too, I'm sure. Except for low bass, that is!

There is no audio output, a feature found on the competing Optoma HD33, which would allow you to use a powered subwoofer. That said, the Epson speakers have about twice the power and more dynamic bass than the HD33.

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