Epson Home Cinema 3010 Projector Calibration and Settings 2

Epson Home Cinema 3010 Post Calibration Grayscale: User Mode

Color Temp over IRE Range (Post calibration)

User Calibrated color temps, 20 – 100 IRE:

User 1

20 IRE6506
30 IRE6421
40 IRE6436
50 IRE6508
60 IRE6536
70 IRE6570
80 IRE6551
90 IRE6578
100 IRE6271
Average gamma2.27

Home Cinema 3010 RGB Settings

Home Cinema 3010 Post Calibration settings

Cinema (on User 1)Quick Cal of Dynamic (on User 2)
OffsetR = -3G = 0

B = 8

R = 0G = 0

B = 0

GainR = -1G = 0

B = 3

R = 0G = -10

B = 0

Color Saturation:-50
Lumens at 100 IRE14241758

Mike provided these additional notes, regarding the ability to calibrate different settings, limitations, etc.:

Dynamic is high in green, low in red at 100 IRE, despite the good color temp shown on the previous page.  Knocking green down helps, but doesn’t end up with much more in the way of lumens than Living Room, which looks better. 

Ultimately, the Home Cinema 3010 produces reasonably good color, even better if calibrated. It should prove more than satisfactory for the Home Cinema 3010’s target market, and even please many enthusiasts on a reasonable budget.

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