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Epson Home Cinema 3010 Home Theater Projector Review

Epson Home Cinema 3010 Projector Overview

This Epson Home Cinema 3010 takes affordable performance, and value, to a new level. Epson may be almost a year late with their 3D capable home theater projectors, but in this case, well worth the wait.

The Home Cinema 3010 – or HC3010, is a $1599 3D capable projector that uses 3LCD technology. I would definitely say that this is a projector designed for the family room, the bonus room, or take it out in the backyard for a movie. The thing is, you can put it in your theater too, as it is competent competition for the few projectors around its price, that are more designed for a home theater than a family room.

It’s just loaded with features, even if missing one or two from last year’s Home Cinema 8350, which remains in the lineup. You’ll find a long, and detailed overview of many of those features, including 3D abilities, split screen, and USB slideshows, further down this page.

I want to say at this point, that, overall, I thought the recently reviewed Optoma HD33 to be a breakthrough projector, and it was, in terms of 3D for $1499. Well, as you will read here, Epson is raising the bar. Not to sell the HD33 short (it has some impressive strengths), but the Epson just puts a whole lot more into their box, for essentially the same price.

The Home Cinema 3010, and the Home Cinema 3010e both receive our Hot Product award. Read on!

Epson Home Cinema 3010 Projector Highlights

  • 3D Capabilities with support for Blu-ray 3D, satellite channels… game consoles
  • Extremely bright home projector, ideal for family and bonus rooms, and theaters with large screens
  • Four preset 2D modes, 2 preset 3D modes, and Auto mode, and 10 User savable settings
  • 2 10 watt speakers for respectable sound, if you don’t have a full sound system, or want to go portable
  • Full color and gamma controls
  • Backlit remote control
  • Dynamic iris for better black level performance
  • Easy to use split screen capability
  • Excellent warranty
  • Lowest priced 1080p 3D projector, but not entry level