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Epson Home Cinema 3010 Projector - Performance-2

Posted on October 7, 2013 by Art Feierman

Home Cinema 3010, Post Calibration, Best Mode-2

That’s a very tight range, but with a slight dip at white (100 IRE), that will add an almost insignificant shift to red, just a touch of extra warmth. Mike adds this note:  Using a gamma setting less than 2.4 results in gamma being too low for most viewing.  There is a CMS, but it’s not really necessary as the CIE chart shows very good color balance. Below, the same frame taken with the same exposure so you can get a handle on the relative brightness and color aspects of most of the major modes. Of course, since the exposures are the same, the darker modes like Cinema (“best”) would look better properly exposed


Epson Home Cinema 3010 3D Brightness




We've mentioned the Optoma HD33, as the other, similarly priced 2D/3D home projector. It too is a bright projector, but no match for the Epson Home Cinema 3010. The image below shows the Optoma on the left, Epson on the right. It's a huge difference in brightness. Of course, glasses and processing, also affects 3D brightness, but there is no contest at all. The Epson is dramatically brighter in 3D.

The two projectors are closer in brightness in their best 3D modes (a 3D image from Ultimate Wave 3D Tahiti). Again, the Epson is on the right

By comparison, 2D brightness is closer: Here are the two projectors again, this time in "best" 2D (the overexposure of the Epson is washing it out a bit.

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