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Epson Home Cinema 3010e Home Theater Projector Review-3

Posted on November 4, 2013 by Art Feierman

The Home Cinema 3010e - The Bottom Line:

Selecting the WirelessHD Home Cinema 3010e over the standard 3010 projector means that one way or another, you have use for the WirelessHD feature. Certainly, if you are portable, it comes in very handy. Or, if you are permanently mounting it in your room, you won't need to run an HDMI wire to your sources. If you don't need the WirelessHD feature - now or the future.

Most folks will opt for the standard HC3010. It's simple, if you don't need the WirelessHD, why spend for it? Still, it's attractive to have. Even if you have wired for everything you need, having the WirelessHD transmitter handy allows you to add one more HDMI source, such as, perhaps, a friend's MacBook, or what ever shows up at the door.

The Home Cinema 3010s can also work fine in a dedicated home theater environment. If you don't need the brightness or 3D, are an enthusiast looking for best picture for the dollar, you might consider a couple of other 2D projectors in your hunt, including Epson's own Home Theater 8350, and the Mitsubishi HC4000, two of our favorites. Both sell for a few hundred less than the basic 3010. You'll have to make the final call. All that considere, this pair of Epsons should be evaluated by pretty much everyone looking at under $2,000 projector... Some pretty bright 3D, bright 2D, built in sound, what's not to like!

As a 3D projector, the Home Cinema 3010e simply outshines the only competition near their price so far, with far more brightness, and a much larger feature set. Based on what's out there right now, it's going to set you back close to $3000 to find a step up projector, and so far, nothing can match it for less. Consider this Epson projector to be at the top of the lower priced section in the food chain, if you want 3D.

Now if you aren't sold on 3D, the Home Cinema 3010e projector manages to also be a perfectly good value as a 2D projector. For those of you not convinced about 3D, consider it thrown in for free. You never know, you might like it. As a 2D projector, the HC3010e makes an excellent family room projectors, with tons of lumens, and a very good overall picture for the price.


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