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Epson Home Cinema 8350 Projector - Performance

Posted on October 6, 2010 by Art Feierman

Top left: Home Cinema 8350, Top Left Center - LG CF181D, Top Right Center - JVC RS25, Top right - Mitsubishi HC7000

2nd row left: Panasonic PT-AE4000, left center: Epson Home Cinema 8500UB, right center: Mitsubishi HC4000, right: BenQ W6000.

Please note, we are still switching over to using the Playstation video logo as our sharpness example, instead of the old dts-hd logo. The original sample test disc from dts died, and they can't find me another.

Home Cinema 8350
Mitsubishi HC7000
Panasonic PT-AE4000
Epson Home Cinema 8500UB
Mitsubishi HC4000
BenQ W6000





Close up of a computer monitor, from Space Cowboys (Blu-ray)

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