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Epson PowerLite 435w - Image Quality

Posted on October 4, 2013 by Art Feierman

The PowerLite 435w has proved to be a strong performer in the area of image quality. However, there were some issues with how it handled a 1600x900 resolution. Keep in mind that the 435w is a native 1280x800 resolution projector. As of this writing, I am still working through the issues. Basically, when you feed the projector a 1600x900 signal is does not fill the screen. Changing the aspect ratio, and image settings through the menu system also does not seem to have an effect.

The PowerLite 435w has a native resolution of 1280x800 pixels and a native aspect ratio of 16:10. Picture quality turned out to be excellent in its native resolution. Colors were bright and dynamic. The text quality was sharp, and readable, at even the smallest of type sizes. Overall, a very impressive image that could be viewed for long periods of time without a lot of eye strain. LCD projectors do have what can be perceived as a sharper image than DLP because you can see the pixels more so in LCD’s than in DLP’s but the PowerLite’s pixels weren’t even noticeable from the distances a typical audience will be viewing from.

Epson PowerLite 435w Projector: Color

Color reproduction was excellent on the PowerLite 435w. Typically, color looks very accurate with LCD projectors, and the Epson PowerLite 435w was no exception. Reds and yellows looked just as one would expect. As you change color modes the color accuracy does shift a little, but this is just due to the lowering of the lumens. It should be noted that the other color modes are designed to either be used when presenting on different colored surfaces or different content. Presentation and Dynamic Mode seem to provide the most accuracy on standard white surfaces.

Epson PowerLite 435w Projector: Video Performance

The Epson PowerLite 435W produced some really sharp and vibrant video. It has a 3000:1 contrast ratio. To test the projectors true abilities, I fed a Blu-ray signal to the projector via HDMI. Although Epson’s line of business projectors do not have the contrast ratio that their home theater lines do, the black levels were more than satisfactory in a classroom environment or business setting. In fact, it would make an excellent home theater to the untrained eye, but home theater enthusiast would want much better black levels. The 435w however, was not designed to be a dedicated home theater projector. Having said all that, I did find myself watching a movie from start to finish, just because the image had so much brightness and clarity.

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