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Epson PowerLite 435w LCD Projector - Review Summary

Posted on October 4, 2013 by Art Feierman

Epson PowerLite 435w Projector: Bottom Line

he Epson PowerLite 435 has proven to be a real performer in the ever growing, short throw class, of projectors. With its 3000 lumen brightness rating and its measured brightness of 2639 lumens, the 435w has more than enough power to handle just about any environment you could present in. Aside from presenting in pure daylight, this projector can handle any situation. The fact that you can mount the projector so close to the screen and achieve a large image make it ideal as a interactive projector. The 435w can also be made interactive with an add-on module as well.

The contrast ratio, being 3000:1, does give it an advantage in terms of video, but it is no match for a dedicated home theater projector. The image quality when showing video from a HDMI source was sharp, distinct and vibrant. Very impressive. It also had an excellent picture when showing small, 10pt or smaller text.

The projector is wireless and can also be networked. The wireless connectivity is only possible via an add-on module that is not included with the projector. However, there is a built-in RJ-45 jack to connect the projector to the network. Also, you will find a RS-232 input for command and control via a serial cable.

Setup is smooth and simple with the Epson 435w because of the three adjustable feet on the bottom of the projector. Two in the rear unscrew to raise and lower the projector and then there is a push button foot in the front to aid in raising the image. The remote design made setup and adjustments while presenting pretty easy. With a street price of $1149 the Epson might not be the cheapest short throw projector on the market, but it certainly is no doubt a very well constructed and thought out projector. Keep in mind that for the education market Epson does offer a program called the Brighter Future Program. Ask your authorized dealer about this program, to receive education pricing.

Epson PowerLite 435w Projector: Pros

  • Rated at 3000 lumens, measured out to 2639 lumens in Normal Mode
  • Estimated lamp life of 6000 hours in ECO Mode
  • Short throw so large images can be achieved with projector a feet away
  • Capable of wireless connectivity via add-on module
  • Capable of interactivity via add-on module
  • USB Type B port can be used to project your computers image
  • Easily accessible lamp and filter when maintenance is necessary

Epson PowerLite 435w Projector: Cons

  • Not 3D capable
  • No zoom, so placement in critical to achieve your desired image

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