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Epson PowerLite 435w Projector - Performance

Posted on October 4, 2013 by Art Feierman

Epson PowerLite 435w Projector - Brightness

The Epson PowerLite 435w performed very well in the area of brightness levels. It only fell short of the manufacturer's rated specifications by about 350 lumens. Still, the image was very bright and performed well even with full lights on in the room.

In the projectors dynamic mode, with the projector set to normal mode the Epson 435w produced 2639 lumens. Normal mode is the projectors brightest setting and its default setting. To conserve lamp life, there is ECO Mode that drops the brightness down by about 25 percent. If you can, it always best to run in ECO Mode, since the projector will run cooler, and quieter. This goes for just about any projector that has a ECO like feature. And, most do.

The projector performed very well when projecting in the other color modes as well. Presentation mode saw the brightness dim to 2030 lumens, but the image was still very bright and it too was bright enough for lights on presentations. Theatre Mode dropped brightness further to 1551, but this an expected drop in brightness since pretty much every projector drops in brightness in order to achieve a blacker black when in a cinema or theatre like mode. Photo mode produced almost the same exact light output as Theatre Mode. Srgb Mode was also the same at 1595 lumens. Blackboard Mode showed an increase in brightness to 1334 and Whiteboard increased brightness even more to 1522. All very sufficient light output ratings for presentations with lights on. Although, contrast and image vibrance to the viewer will always be much greater if the lights are dimmed.

Eco mode show a drop in brightness for all the color modes, as to be expected. Dynamic mode came in at 1812 lumens. Presentation mode produced 1334 lumens and Theatre Mode produced 1044 lumens. Photo Mode produced 1087 lumens and SRGB Mode produced 1058 lumens. The final reading were taken for BlackBoard Mode and WhiteBoard Mode and the findings were 899 and 1015 respectively. Even in ECO mode the projector proved to perform well enough for lights on presentations. However, if you were to dim the lights and did not have full sunlight in your conference room, running in ECO mode full time would produce a very nice, fairly high contrast image. So it would be recommended to give ECO Mode a try. Could save you money in the long run.

Epson PowerLite 435w Projector - Audible Noise

The specs show that in the projectors default brightness mode which is called "Normal Mode" the Epson 435w produces 37dB. In ECO Mode the projector quiets down considerably to 29 dB. Both modes are quiet, and from my observations created no issues in terms of being a distraction. The levels shown are typical for most projectors sold today.

Epson PowerLite 435w - Warranty

The Epson PowerLite 435w has a 2 year limited warranty and a 90 day lamp limited warranty. Other programs are available through the Brighter Futures Program. If you are an educational institution, contact an authorized Epson dealer and ask about this program.

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