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Epson PowerLite L265F 1080p 3LCD Laser Business Projector Review

Posted on October 5, 2023 by Philip Boyle
Epson-L265F-Award - Projector Reviews Images
Can be used in boardrooms, classrooms, gallery installations, and digital signage applications.

The Epson PowerLite L265F is a 1080p, 3-chip 3LCD professional projector with a solid-state laser light source that sells for an MSRP of $1,535. The PowerLite L265F could easily fit in a conference room, restaurant, corporate lobby, or lecture hall but is primarily designed to meet the specific requirements of the digital signage product channel. The L265F can be mounted at any angle in a 360-degree radius and can project an image as large as 310 inches diagonally.

The L265F is a relatively small professional projector rated to generate 4,600 ANSI lumens of brightness with a light source life of 20,000 hours and a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,500,000:1.

Epson has designed the PowerLite L265F to encourage engagement and empower creativity for various education, corporate, and signage applications. To achieve this, the PowerLite L265F offers wireless connectivity with casting capability for convenient content sharing and includes free downloadable Epson Projector Content Manager software for dynamic digital signage design.
The L265F began selling in June of 2023 at authorized Epson projection dealers and distributors.

  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_MfrProdShot - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_MfrProdShot - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_MfrProdShot - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_MfrProdShot - Projector Reviews - Image
Epson PowerLite L265F Specs
Price$1,535 MSRP
Technology3-chip 3LCD
Displayed Resolution1920 x 1080
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim)4600 ANSI Lumens
Light SourceLaser
Contrast2,500,000:1 Dynamic Contrast
Zoom Lens Ratio1.6x Optical Zoom
Lens ShiftNo
Dimensions(W x D x H) 12.8" x 4.1" x 11.7" 
Weight9.5 lb



Epson sees the 2023 EpiqVision and PowerLite series projectors as being able to meet the needs of their customers, drastically evolving meeting, education, and promotional spaces.

"Today's displays need to be large and wide enough to accommodate all aspects of viewing, sharing, and interactivity for better in-person and remote participant engagement." —Remi Del Mar, senior product manager, Epson America, Inc.  

The PowerLite L265F is designed to deliver a larger displayed image and make collaboration and engagement seamless. Out-of-the-box, the projector is super bright due to the 4,600-lumen laser diode in a sealed light source. This projector produces enough light to project a highly visible image with excellent color, even in rooms and spaces with large amounts of ambient light. Meeting rooms and classrooms can leave some light on, allowing people to see each other and use the projector as a tool for collaboration because they don't need to sit in the dark.

Four thousand six hundred lumens of brightness allow the projector to display a huge image up to 310 inches diagonally. That is 16 times larger than a 75-inch flat-panel display. At 310 inches, there won't be a bad seat in the house. The L265F can display a contrast ratio of 2,500,000:1, which helps improve visibility anywhere in your room or space by highlighting the difference between the darkest and brightest parts of the projected image.

Compared to lamp-based light sources, the projector laser light source is incredibly reliable and virtually maintenance-free. Epson lists its estimated lifetime as 20,000 hours in NORMAL light output mode and 30,000 hours when the projector is set to the ECO mode in its brightest picture preset mode.

EBPU1008W_3LCD1 - Projector Reviews - Image
Color gamut 3 times wider than 1-chip DLP projectors.

The Epson PowerLite L265F uses Epson's proprietary 3-chip 1080p 3LCD technology. I won't go into detail, but click the link if you want more information. I want to mention why I think Epson used 1,080p chips instead of WUXGA or 4K. A big reason for this is cost. The explanation is all in the name. 3LCD means there are three LCD imagers compared to a single DLP chip, the largest competitive imager used in projectors.

It's also necessary to look at how the projector is being used. 1080p resolution is good enough to show PowerPoints, spreadsheets, and other common business content.

Using a 1080p imager can improve the performance of other hardware on the projector. Brightness, color performance, and contrast all benefit from using a 1080p imager compared to a higher resolution WUXGA or 4K sensor. Also, Epson can allocate resources to more relevant features, like increasing the brightness to 4,600 lumens, which is far more important than 4K resolution. 1080p projectors are compatible with a wide range of content sources and devices.

The reality is that Epson does offer a range of projector models with varying specifications to cater to the different needs of its customers. Epson makes WUXGA and 4K projectors for customers who require higher resolution for specialized tasks or are willing to invest more in their projection equipment. The choice ultimately depends on the specific requirements and budget of the customer or organization.

Epson-iProjection - Projector Reviews - Image
Wirelessly project content from a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer onto compatible Epson projectors.

Epson has created various software solutions to help you get the most out of your PowerLite L265F. These tools are designed to make setting up and using the projector straightforward while assisting users to get the most out of the L265F features.

iProjection is a software application developed by Epson that allows users to wirelessly project content from a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer onto compatible Epson projectors, including the L265F. iProjection makes it easy for participants to share presentations, images, videos, and other content wirelessly during meetings, presentations, or classroom settings, eliminating the need to use cables or other physical adapters. This collaboration tool eliminates a potential point of failure while allowing participants to share content locally and remotely from any connected location worldwide.

EPPT - Projector Reviews - Image

The Epson Projector Professional Tool (EPPT) is a tool that helps make Epson projectors work better and easier, especially when you have many of them. It helps control and manage them over a network so they project images and videos correctly without any hassle.

Epson EPPT benefits users by providing advanced control and management features for Epson projectors over a network. It simplifies tasks like adjusting focus, image alignment, and other settings, making it easier to ensure the best possible projection quality without physically accessing each projector individually. It's a tool that helps professionals manage and optimize multiple projectors more efficiently.

Epson_CreativeProjectionApp - Projector Reviews - Image

The projector is compatible with the Epson Creative Projection App for Apple iOS Devices. This software allows users to easily create custom content and upload and playback content directly from the projector, which is great for digital signage applications.

The PowerLite L265F is one of three new projectors in Epson's 2023 PowerLite projector lineup. The new PowerLite models feature significant upgrades in brightness and resolution compared to previous models, built to address the evolving needs of the connected classroom and post-pandemic remote/hybrid workers. These new PowerLite projectors represent Epson's commitment to providing easy-to-use and adaptable display technologies that improve people's work experience in the office or classroom and for those individuals contributing and learning remotely.

Epson PowerLite Model Comparison

PowerLite L265FPowerLite L260FPowerLite L210W
$1,535 MSRP$1,535 MSRP$1,282 MSRP
Color: BlackColor: WhiteColor: White
Full HD (1920 x 1080)Full HD (1920 x 1080)WXGA (1280 x 800)
16:9 Aspect Ratio16:9 Aspect Ratio16:10 Aspect Ratio
Throw Ratio: 1.32 – 2.12Throw Ratio: 1.32 – 2.12Throw Ratio: 1.41 - 2.26

The PowerLite L265F joins its counterparts, the L260F and the L210F, in providing outstanding picture quality and ease of use, making this projector one of the best of its class for both picture quality and ease of use.


  • Full HD 1080p (1,920 x 1,080) displayed resolution
  • 3-chip 3LCD technology
  • 4,600 ANSI lumens manufacturer-rated brightness
  • 3LCD technology provides equal color and white light output
  • Laser life of 20,000 hours (NORMAL mode) and 30,000 (ECO mode)
  • 2,500,000:1 (Dynamic Contrast Ratio)
  • 1.6x Optical Zoom Ratio
  • 31" - 310" (0.88 m - 9.06 m) recommended display size
  • 360-degree mounting capability
  • Horizontal and vertical keystone correction of ±30°
  • Epson image enhancement for 4K like displayed image
  • Built-in wireless: 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz) 802.11 a/n/ac (5 GHz)
  • RJ45 hard-wired network connection
  • Epson Projector Content Manager Software
  • Epson Creative Projection application
  • Displays up to 1.07 billion colors
  • Supports Crestron command and control software
  • Support for side-by-side projector mounting
  • Split screen capabilities for side-by-side viewing
  • 16W single speaker system with audio out port for connecting external speakers
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 12.8" x 4.1" x 11.7"



  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F - Projector Reviews - Image

The chassis of PowerLite L265F offers a huge range of mounting points on the bottom of the projector and supports being mounted in any orientation with a 360-degree range. Like most Epson professional projectors, the chassis is robust and suitable for various environments.

This chassis style is compact, portable, and suitable for fixed installations in boardrooms, lecture halls, and retail venues, both large and small. When facing the unit, the projector's lens is on the front panel's right side. The control panel for the PowerLite L265F is located towards the back on the right side of the top surface of the projector. The air intake vent is on the right side of the unit, and the exhaust vent is on the front left side. There is a speaker on the left side of the projector's rear. All the A/V inputs and the AC power connections are on the projector's back.

The dimensions of the L265F are (W x D x H) 12.8" x 4.1" x 11.7" (325 x 299 x 90 mm). The unit weighs 9.5 lbs (4.2 kg).

Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F - Projector Reviews - Image

The PowerLite L265F's control panel is located on the top right side of the projector when facing the projector lens. Whether the projector is placed on a table or ceiling-mounted, the control panel will be easily accessible.


Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F - Projector Reviews - Image

The chassis's rear panel is where all of the projector's inputs and connections are located. The L265F has a small cooling vent, and the projector's 16W speaker is also on the back panel. For a complete inventory of connections, see the chart below.


Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F - Projector Reviews - Image

The Epson PowerLite L265F has a zoom range of 1.6x, allowing for placement at throw ratios of 1.32 – 2.12. The projector's zoom is optical, with manual zoom and focus wheels on the lens in a recess. The L265F has an F-number of 1.51 – 1.77, a focal length of 18.2 mm - 29.1 mm, and a zoom ratio of 1.0 – 1.62.

Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Throw - Projector Reviews - Image

The Epson PowerLite L265F does not offer horizontal or vertical lens shift, although the projector does have manual keystone correction of ±30 degrees, both horizontal and vertical.

Epson includes a manual keystone correction slider near the projector's top front, which works well, but there are other ways to adjust the image geometry. The projector includes a quick corner setting to correct the shape and size of an unevenly rectangular image on all sides. You can use the projector's ARC CORRECTION mode to adjust the curve or arc of the sides of the projected image. Changing the image using arc correction is a quick and easy way to wrap an image around an object or project an image onto an unconventional surface that is not a perfect square or rectangle. Arc correction is a great digital signage tool.

Finally, the projector's POINT CORRECTION mode allows users to adjust the image with a much finer level of detail for projecting on more complex surfaces.

My only complaint is that the image uniformity could have been much better, with the top left side of the screen just a little blurry compared to the rest of the projected image.

Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_ImageBlend - Projector Reviews - Image
Create a single seamless image from multiple projectors.

The Epson PowerLite L265F can generate a single image by combining the images from multiple projectors. Blending two projected images into one uses the projector's internal edge blending feature, allowing the operator to create nearly undetectable overlap to the right or left of the projected images. Edge blending enables the operator to adjust key visual elements of the picture, like brightness, color, and contrast, to match the overlapping images and the rest of the projected image. This feature is useful in large venues like theaters, museums, exhibition halls, and corporate events. It enables the creation of huge images with the potential to captivate audiences.


Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Remote - Projector Reviews - Image

The remote control is standard fare for Epson professional projectors. The remote has a variety of useful shortcuts, including a Source Search option and dedicated Input buttons, Aspect Ratio, Menu, and Escape buttons. Standard controls like Page Up/Down and Volume Up/Down are also included. With this remote, you can access almost all of the L265F's core features.

The remote also features quick-access buttons for Color Mode, Aspect Ratio, and a Custom User button that allows you to choose from Light Source Mode, Info, Test Pattern, Resolution, On-screen Display, Image Enhancement, or Content Playback.

The dedicated freeze button can be particularly useful, as it allows you to instantly freeze content on the screen. While this happens, your media continues to run in the background and can be continued with another tap of the freeze button. The freeze feature is useful when preparing another slide or pulling up a presentation video.


  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Menu - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Menu - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Menu - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Menu - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Menu - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Menu - Projector Reviews - Image

The menu images in this section represent only a small number of all the sub-menus available. I showed a couple more notable areas in the sub-menus (image, setting, networking, etc.). The menu system of the L265F is well-organized and easy to navigate. There are a lot of settings on multiple pages, so many of the picture adjustments can be directly accessed via discrete buttons on the remote control.


Epson laser projectors like this one use blue lasers plus phosphors as the light source. Epson creates the three primary colors of red, green, and blue by separating the light from the blue laser into two paths using a dichroic mirror. One half is directed to a phosphor that creates yellow light from blue, and the other is directed to a diffusion plate that eliminates a kind of glare called speckle.

The light is then reunited by another dichroic mirror, resulting in white light. Epson then uses a prism to filter the white light into red, green, and blue (RGB) and then passes through three LCD panels, one for each color. The images from the three LCDs are combined to create a single RGB image.

The result is visible in the color, brightness, and overall performance of the PowerLite L265F, which I will explain below.


The out-of-the-box color reproduction is as good as other pricier projectors I've reviewed. Epson's high-quality blue laser light source and 3-chip 3LCD have much to do with this excellent color reproduction.

The displayed picture is a rich, full-colored image, free from the rainbow effect that still occurs in many DLP projection systems. I can't stress enough how impressed I am with this projector's out-of-the-box color performance. I've reviewed home theater projectors that cost more and don't perform as well as this projector does.

The PowerLite L265F comes with seven preset picture modes. Below is a quick breakdown of each color preset.

  • DYNAMIC is the brightest setting and is ideal for maintaining a decent color balance even in environments with substantial amounts of uncontrolled ambient light.
  • PRESENTATION is tailored for environments where dynamic colors are an advantage. PRESENTATION mode makes smaller details, such as text, stand out.
  • CINEMA mode is Ideal for screening movies or similar entertainment content in dimly lit spaces.
  • sRGB mode is the best choice when displaying content from computers. sRGB should provide the highest color accuracy on this projector.
  • BLACKBOARD mode is specifically designed for projecting onto traditional green chalkboards or similar colored surfaces, compensating for the purplish hues typical of these surfaces.
  • DICOM SIM mode offers an enhanced grayscale protocol to project monochrome medical images such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs.
  • MULTI-PROJECTION mode allows you to create multiple projectors to project a single image. This mode will enable users to assign one projector as the "master" and automatically adjust all the images to match the "master" image.
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Color - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Color - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Color - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Color - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Color - Projector Reviews - Image

The brightest mode of this PowerLite projector is DYNAMIC. In spaces with uncontrolled ambient, users can switch to this mode to ensure the image remains clear and bright. This projector is bright enough to work in so many environments where lighting is not controlled, which makes this projector an excellent choice for use in various education and business uses, like digital signage.

In rooms with controlled ambient light, the CINEMA and sRGB modes create the best overall projected images for entertainment content like TV and movies.
The L265F produces natural-looking skin tones partly due to the projector's 3LCD imaging system's ability to display an equal amount of color lumens as white lumens, resulting in bright, saturated colors.

As you can see in the images above, the out-of-the-box color tuning is excellent for professional content and does a great job when watching movies.


  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Bright - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Bright - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Bright - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Bright - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Bright - Projector Reviews - Image

Epson lists the brightness of the PowerLite L265F at 4,600 lumens. I also measured the brightness myself. To calculate the brightness, I set the projector's Color Mode to DYNAMIC and its Fkry Mode to Normal, the projector's brightest configuration. I then took 3-4 readings about 15-20% out from the center of the screen.

The PowerLite L265F measured 4,641 ANSI lumens at its maximum brightness setup, slightly higher than Epson's 4,600 lumens claim. In addition, I measured all seven available preset picture modes; my measurements are below.

Epson PowerLite L265F Preset Picture Modes and Lumens

Picture ModeBrightness Measured (ANSI Lumens)  


  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Blacks - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Blacks - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Blacks - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Blacks - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Blacks - Projector Reviews - Image

The PowerLite L265F's black levels were closer to a dark gray than a pure black, which is not an unexpected observation since this is primarily a business projector focused on digital signage and is not designed to be used in a darkened home theater environment. It's unrealistic to expect great black levels with a lot of dark scene detail from a 4,600 ANSI lumen projector.

The L265F can display better black levels when the projector's brightness is turned down. Epson offers several ways to adjust the projectors' light levels to increase visible black levels and even black level details. The L265F features a three-position, OFF, NORMAL, and HIGH-SPEED Dynamic Contrast adjustment. In addition to the regular BRIGHTNESS adjustments, Epson allows users to adjust GAMMA settings and SCENE ADAPTIVE GAMMA adjustments.


  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_PPT - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_PPT - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_PPT - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_PPT - Projector Reviews - Image
  • Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_PPT - Projector Reviews - Image

The Epson PowerLite L265F projector does an impressive job when it comes to displaying text and visual presentations. It offers clear and detailed projections, especially on a large screen with a high resolution of Full HD (1920 x 1080).

The projector's SPLIT SCREEN mode makes it easy to divide the screen into two or four sections for multitasking. Be aware that when you split the screen, the content displayed in each section becomes smaller because it must fit into those spaces.

As you can see in the slideshow above, the presentation text appears sharp and readable from a reasonable distance. Epson also includes an excellent image enhancement feature that improves details without the edge distortion of just cranking up the sharpening settings. 


The PowerLite L265F uses a 16-watt mono speaker. When I cranked up the volume to its maximum, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could hear the audio from another room. This speaker's audio projection is seriously impressive.
The single 16-watt speaker is cleverly positioned on the back of the projector. Whether standing in front or behind, the audio remains crisp and clear, offering an immersive experience. However, the speaker does not produce bass, which I expected from a built-in speaker of this size.

This speaker's output is sufficient for a larger-sized classroom, ensuring every student can hear the lesson. The PowerLite L265F's 16-watt speaker delivers exceptional sound clarity and volume, making it a valuable addition to any environment where audiovisual quality is important.

The projector has an operating noise of 37 dB in NORMAL light mode, which is noticeable in my lab space but not likely to be an issue in any of the venues that Epson has designed this projector to be used in. However, if this is an issue, the projector noise output can drop to 27 dB QUIET mode.


Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_Marketing - Projector Reviews - Image

The Epson PowerLite L265F is a 3-chip 3LCD laser projector with a marvelous picture that greatly grabbed my attention. The projector is Full HD (1,920 x 1,080p) and is rated to deliver 4,600 ANSI lumens of brightness, which it exceeded. The L265F projector can display a bright, colorful image in some of the most challenging venues with little control over ambient light sources. The L265F has more than enough brightness to power through. This projector, along with the L260F, the white version of this model, can enhance the image to the point that, with the right content, it appears to display images at a much higher resolution even though it is still Full HD.

This business projector will work in education, business, retail, and display markets. Epson lists one of this projector's primary markets as digital signage. This projector will excel at almost everything you throw at it, from PowerPoint presentations to art installations or event content. It's good enough to handle it all.

Epson has included an amazing number of onboard tools that allow users to display their created content from a phone, a computer, a networked display solution, or just on the projector using its built-in player and the included Epson iOS application. Flexible doesn't even come close to describing how many easy ways this projector can display content on anything from a traditional screen to uniquely shaped surfaces at retail or an art installation.

The only thing this projector can't do is match the black level and native contrast of a model designed for home theater. Blacks on this projector are more gray than black, but the projector does an excellent job of displaying the subtle details in the projected image's darkest areas.

The PowerLite L265F comes with a 1.6x optical lens. Epson provides users with a range of geometry correction tools from keystone, Arc, Corner, and Point geometric adjustments, allowing the projector to display content on virtually any shaped surface. This powerful geometric adjustment ability is even more handy when using multiple Epson projectors to create one larger horizontal image.

The PowerLite L265F offers built-in wired and wireless networking, a feature many professional projectors don't ordinarily include. In addition to the library of Epson software solutions that work with the projector, the L265F is also compatible with Crestron Connect for managing and controlling one or multiple projectors on-site or remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. This projector is also Control4 certified.

The L265F can be connected to a network via a wired or wireless network to access photos, videos, and various other compatible file formats.


Epson-L265F-Award - Projector Reviews Images
The compact Epson PowerLite L265F delivers excellent picture quality and high brightness for less than $2000

The PowerLite L265F is an incredible value, especially for the professional industry's digital signage, education, and business segments. If you are looking for an ultra-bright business projector for a classroom, boardroom, or house of worship, the L265F is well worth a look. At $1,599, this digital signage-focused professional projector is a great single-pro projector or can be used in a multi-projection scenario.


  • The projector is incredibly bright at 4,600 ANSI lumens, allowing it to be used in venues with large amounts of uncontrolled ambient light
  • Built-in Wi-Fi in a category where this is usually an additional purchase
  • Laser phosphor illumination rated at 20,000 hours in NORMAL light mode
  • Full HD (1920 x 1080) displayed resolution
  • Image enhancement functionality makes the image appear to be of higher resolution
  • Excellent out-of-the-box color reproduction
  • Built-in media player and signage template make this projector an easy to use for digital signage device
  • 3LCD Technology displays brighter color, as the projector has as many color lumens as white ones
  • 2,500,000:1 (Dynamic Contrast Ratio)
  • Good Placement Flexibility – 1.30:1 Zoom Lens, Keystone Correction (+30% Vertical/Horizontal), and 360-degree install
  • Compatible with iProjection for Wireless Projecting Mobile Device Screens


  • The remote control is not backlit
  • Built-in speaker sound quality is loud and offers a limited range
  • The image is a bit soft in the top left


Epson-PowerLite-EB-L265F_MfrProdShot - Projector Reviews - Image
Full Specifications
Projector ModelPowerLite L265F
Price$1,535 MSRP
Imager Type3-chip 3LCD
Displayed Resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
Native Resolution1920 x 1080
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim)4600 ANSI lumens
Light Source TypeLaser
Light Source Life20,000 hours (NORMAL)
Contrast Ratio2,500,000:1 (Dynamic)
Zoom Lens Ratio1.6x Optical Zoom
Power Zoom/FocusNo
Lens ShiftNo
Interchangeable LensNo
Ultra-Short ThrowNo
Native Aspect Ratio16 x 9
Blu-Ray 3DNo
Speakers(1) 16-watt
Noise Level (-dB)37 dB (NORMAL)/27 dB (QUIET)
Low Lag GamingNo
Smart FunctionalityNo
Special FeaturesDigital Signage, Epson software apps
Dimensions (HxWxD)(W x D x H) 12.8" x 4.1" x 11.7" (325 x 299 x 90 mm)
Weight9.5 lbs (4.2 kg)
Warranty3-Year Warranty

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