Projector Reviews

Epson Powerlite Pro G5350NL Projector: Pros, Cons, and Typical Capabilities

Epson Powerlite Pro G5350NL Projector: Pros

  • Excellent brightness, close to 5000 lumens
  • Multiple lens capability allows for installation over a wide range of distances from screen
  • Excellent color saturation and overall image with native resolution or lower
  • Excellent warranty and support via Road Service program
  • Fairly quick power up and can be unplugged immediately after powered down
  • Ability to display presentation without a computer via a USB storage device or SD card
  • On board interactive help
  • If mounted, both lamp and filter can be changed without unmounting the projector
  • Ability to connect to a computer via USB or HDMI
  • Ability to display judder-free video over wireless connection
  • Audio output capability with volume controlled by the remote
  • Networking abilities including email notification for maintenance and mechanical problems, as well as presenting from other computers on the network

Epson Powerlite Pro G5350NL Projector: Cons

  • Has dust filter that must be maintained
  • Has difficulty displaying resolutions higher than the native resolution
  • Some limitations in video display ability over wireless connection
  • Full user manual provided only on disc, so there’s no way for a presenter to consult the manual if he’s using the PC free capability